Open Thread Mondays: Any Mobile Users?

I received the above message last week via our Twitter account and instantly felt broken-hearted. A mobile version of our site has been on our To-Do list for way too long, but keeps getting bumped back in order to deal with more immediate demands. But mobile’s time has come.

Without revealing too much, Sheepshead Bites is in talks to roll out mobile apps for Blackberry and iPhone users (followed by other platforms). We hope to launch in just a few short months – but a lot depends on the company we’re working with and the final feel and function of the apps (hint: there’ll be some awesome new features). To start with, we’re looking for approximately 10 users on each platform (Blackberry and iPhone). If you’re interested in being a tester, please e-mail us and include the subject line “mobile tester.”

For those not on those platforms, or who prefer to view the site using their mobile browser, give a shout-out in the comments now. If there’s enough demand, we’ll design a mobile-friendly template for use across all mobile devices.

Oh yeah, and it’s still an open thread. So jib-jab all you want!