Open Thread Mondays: About Open Threads

So I’ve been a little disappointed in the use of these open threads. It seems that unless I ramble on some sort of topic, I don’t get a response. That’s not supposed to be the way these things work; you’re supposed to write whatever you want on whatever topic – Sheepshead Bay-related or not.

Really. Go off in any direction. Blow off some steam. Scream and shout. TYPE IN ALL CAPS.

Or talk about our coverage and what you’d like to see more of. Or the neighborhood and what kind of stores you want to see more of. Or less of.

Maybe point out your hatred of sentences that end in prepositions.

Talk about your school or your job or people on the train. Talk about the rude clerk at the bagel place, or the extremely polite guy at the cell phone shop (both the Boost and the Verizon store owners by the Sheepshead Bay train station gave me a big hand last week).

But, if you need a prompt to think up something to say, then here’s one for this week:

Summer is here, which means a lot of the civic groups we report on go into recess. Which means we have a whole lot less to write about. How should the Sheepshead Bites team fill that gap?