Open Thread Mondays: About Last Weekend…

Excuse my language, but it needs to be said: fuck the summer. It ain’t that great. You only think it’s great because it’s when you had off of school as a kid.

But when you think past that, and consider your adult life during the summer months, what’s really that magnificent about it? What warrants all the extra attention – the concerts, the magazine features, the travel specials, the… well, everything. Everything is so damn summer-centric.

But you know what? Fuck summer. It’s just as bad as winter, if not worse.

I’m a spring and fall man. Why can’t we make those the seasons with all the outdoor events and the fanfare? They’re way less obnoxious.

On top of all the humidity this past weekend, I’ve had the added agitation of numerous technical glitches. It started last Thursday, thus the weakness of Friday’s posts, and I haven’t quite worked all of them out yet. This is where we in the media like to drop phrases like “It’s a perfect storm.” Because, for me, it is. They all came on at once, and it’s very infuriating. The humidity ain’t helping.

That’s my open thread rant. Deal with it.


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