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Open Thread: Call For Morning Mug Submissions


Share your photos with tens of thousands of neighbors!

People routinely say to me that Morning Mug is a favorite feature on the site. It brightens the morning and usually gives them another reason to feel good about the neighborhood.

So be a part of that, and send us your photos. Sheepshead Bites is looking for new Morning Mug contributors (and new submissions from old Morning Mug contributors) to splash up on our front page every morning at 7:00 a.m.

We don’t care about the equipment you use – whether it’s a $5,000 DSLR or a cheap cell phone cam – so long as you’re capturing something worth sharing, we want to see it!

The photos don’t have to be anything specific – the only criteria is that they need to be taken in a public space (could be on the street, in a park, in a local business, etc. Just not your home.) and that public space needs to be in Sheepshead Bay or one of the neighborhoods touching it (Sheepshead Bay, Manhattan Beach, Brighton Beach, Marine Park, Homecrest, Midwood, Gravesend, Gerristen Beach).
Everything else is pretty much up to you – it could be a wide shot of the waterfront, or it could be a macro shot of a gnat on a garden gnome’s rump.
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  1. How do we send photos so that they fit on your page without losing resolution? Do we send it as a compressed file?

  2. Well, it will have to reduce resolution simply because it’s for online publication, and most camera output for print resolution. But your eye wouldn’t notice the difference. So long as the width is 580px or more at resolution 72 or higher (we publish at 580px width at 72 resolution), there should be no perceptible loss in quality. Send us the photos how you like, and we’ll take it from there. Thanks!

  3. My weekly winner of bad behavior in the neighborhood. This one’s easy. I’ll make it short:

    A woman in a  wheelchair (about 80, I estimate) wants to get on the B1 bus with her friend. She’s able to get on the bus standing, using the wheelchair is a walker, and with the help of her friend (also elderly). As she gets in the wheelchair  to be strapped in (you know, they raise the seat, strap her in), some loser in the back yells :

         “Hey bus driver, why does she need a wheelchair if she was able to stand up”?.

       I kept my promise to my girlfriend to stay mute when this stuff happens (she’s afraid I’ll get shot or something), but what was at the tip of my tongue was “hey loser, mind your own !***? business”, and also “yo, do you know you’re going to be in that condition some day?”.

       I settled for an angry stare towards the back.

       I mean, for the life of me, can someone please explain to me  the necessity of the comment????

       A distant second place goes to the following:
        A guy is bike riding slowly by the beginning of the Bay, up Emmons. He turns his head to check out an underaged girl who is walking towards  the Holocaust Memorial. As he keeps riding, his head turns further and further to the right and back to check out the girl who is by the Holocaust memorial.  I see him coming  right at me. I swerve right. He swerves the same way.  He finally turns forward, misses me by a foot. No apology. Nothing. Dude was probably wondering why I don’t watch where I’m going. 


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