One Lucky (Rubber) Ducky: Tarzian West Expands

Lucky Rubber Ducky
Lucky Rubber Ducky is the newly expanded section of Tarzian West at 194 7th Avenue. (Photo by Pamela Wong / BKLYNER)

Neighborhood-favorite Tarzian West (194 7th Avenue at 2nd Street) has expanded, offering shoppers even more covetable, well-designed houseware products and gift items. The new shop, called Lucky Rubber Ducky, opened less than two weeks ago, taking over the former Good Footing shoe store next door at 196 7th Avenue. Good Footing subsequently moved to 316 7th Avenue, near 9th Street.

Tarzian West expansion
Tarzian West’s expanded storefront. Lucky Rubber Ducky is on its left. (Photo by Donny Levit / BKLYNER)

Judy Kow, who purchased Tarzian West from the Tarzian family about nine years ago, chose to expand the shop because “We ran out of space a while ago.” Tarzian West shoppers should be familiar with the store’s jam-packed shelves loaded with high-end kitchen supplies like Le Creuset cast iron pots and pans, Wüsthof knives, and KitchenAid mixers.

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Kow also opened Lucky Rubber Ducky in response to customer requests. “People were asking for bed sheets, towels, and more lighting,” all of which can be found in the new shop. Her plan was to “expand to the rest of the home. It’s mostly kitchen and some bath on the other side,” she adds, “The idea was to be able to come in and see a home office area, or a little seating area,” to focus on other rooms of the house.

Lucky Rubber Ducky
Bedding and towels display. (Photo by Pamela Wong / BKLYNER)

While Lucky Rubber Ducky does sell an assortment of Staub pots, Stelton coffee carafes, cutting boards, and various cooking tools, the store stocks an array of bedding, wool throws, towels, desk lamps, pendant lights, candles, desk organizers, notebooks, clocks, watches, speakers, soaps and lotions, and much more, all neatly arranged and beautifully displayed.

Lucky Rubber Ducky
Photo by Pamela Wong / BKLYNER

Kow previously worked as a restaurant manager and owned a few souvenir shops in Times Square for several years. When the leases for those stores expired she “wanted to do something that was related to something I liked and this [Tarzian West] was available,”—a great opportunity for her that combined “retail and cooking.” She says, “This was my chance to finally buy all the things that I like [for the store] and hopefully people will like them too.”

Lucky Rubber Ducky
Photo by Pamela Wong / BKLYNER

Shoppers shouldn’t have any difficulty finding something they like from the store’s well-curated selection of merchandise.

With holiday shopping around the corner, Park Slopers will be truly lucky ducks.

The Business Rundown: Tarzian West / Lucky Rubber Ducky
Where: 194-196 7th Avenue at 2nd Street
Hours: Mondays-Saturdays, 10am-7pm; Sundays, 11am-6pm
Contact: 718-788-4213 or

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