One Day Left To Give Feedback On Citi Bike Phase 3 Expansion

One Day Left To Give Feedback On Citi Bike Phase 3 Expansion
Citi Bike. (Photo: Zainab Iqbal/Bklyner)

BROOKLYN – There is just one day left to give feedback on the Citi Bike Phase 3 expansion, which means Citi Bikes might be coming down to Sunset Park, South Slope, and Windsor Terrace.

The Department of Transportation (DOT) has been collecting feedback from residents who want Citi Bikes to be expanded to Community Boards 7, 10, 12, and 14. People can pinpoint a location on the map that is provided and leave a comment.

“This feedback map is for Citi Bike Phase 3 expansion, which is focusing on Brooklyn Community Boards 7, 10, 12, & 14. Neighborhoods in this area include Sunset Park, South Slope, and Windsor Terrace,” the website states. “Please read the ‘Feedback Map Instructions’ page before adding comments to give our planners the most helpful feedback. Please add the markers/pins as close to an intersection as possible. If there is a marker/pin at your suggested intersection, please add another marker/pin. If you’re having trouble with adding your comments, you can also email your suggestions us at”

Residents are able to submit suggestions, concerns, and feedbacks by Saturday, October 31. So far, over 800 comments have been collected. In November, the DOT will present a draft plan to the community boards based on the suggestions. And by the winter of 2021, there will be the final coordination and installation process.

One person suggested having Citi Bikes at Fourth Avenue and 31st and 32nd Streets.  “Citi Bike is a great service, however, the current distribution is incredibly inequitable. As a long-time South Slope resident, it stinks that I can only use Citi Bike above 15th street (the docks at industry city are always full and not convenient for me),” the comment stated. “We need Citi Bike expansion, and we need it now, and rapidly. Please do not let curmudgeons whining about the loss of a parking space or two distract DOT for swiftly making way for dozens of new docks across South Brooklyn and beyond. Bike share is safe and sustainable transportation. We need to do more to accommodate it on our streets. Thank you.”

Another person suggested that 34th Street and Third and Fourth Avenues was not a good location for Citi Bike.

“As a non-bike-rider, I am somewhat indifferent about this, but as a driver who commutes to Industry City via car, I am worried about the safety of bike riders in the Sunset Park area. I’ve witnessed cyclists being hit by cars on 3rd Ave and I don’t feel the traffic flow is suitable for more bike riders unless there is a major overhaul of how bike-friendly vs. car-forward the area is,” the comment stated. “People drive at the speed of a highway on 3rd Ave and all-around Industry City. I am concerned for the health and safety of bike riders if more are on the road – ESPECIALLY the kinds of customers who ride CitiBike which is often people taking a leisurely joyride and not using it for work commuting.”

One resident said, “It makes a lot of sense to put a Citi Bike docking station at the intersection of 25th Street and 4th Avenue. It’s right by the 25th Street subway station which is a local stop. That subway stop tends not to run on the weekends due to repairs or maintenance. Having a bike there would make it easier to commute to an express stop or just use the bike to ride where one is traveling to. I see many people using Citi Bikes in the area and they would appreciate not having to go all the way to Industry City just to dock or get a bike, I being one of the people.”

To give your suggestions and to view more, check out the website here. Remember, you have until tomorrow to do so!