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Once Again, Where Are The Plows?


It’s just a few hours into the latest snowstorm, with a few inches already on the ground, and neighbors are already reporting to Sheepshead Bites that they have not seen any plows. One reader tells us he drove all the way over to Sunset Park and did not see a single plow along the way.

Shall we begin Plow Watch, January 26 edition?

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  1. They have been along Ocean Avenue in my area several times. Since I am not about to go out, don’t what is going on elsewhere.

  2. I saw one on the way to the train on Avenue U, but that’s about it. Primary streets first, but I did get the email from DOT saying alternate side parking is suspended until further notice.

  3. Isn’t it cold?
    Are we fed up?
    Manhattan is clean,
    But Brooklyn is not.
    Send in the plows.

    Some more white stuff
    Sticks to the ground,
    Travel sure stinks
    Accidents abound.
    Where are the plows?
    Send in the plows.

    Thanks very much. I’ll be here all week. Try the prime rib.

  4. Just saw on Channel 2 News, talking head driving around saying he hasn’t seen any plows or salters.

    New 1 is claiming there aren’t any plows out while showing stuck buses, fire trucks and cars. And their live man on the street in Manhattan had a completely clear street in the background.

    Channel 4 is claiming that there are “lots” of plows out there.

    7 inches more forecasted for tonight.

  5. Alert issued 1/26/11 at 12:15 PM. The Mayor has issued a Weather Emergency Declaration for NYC. The public is urged to avoid all unnecessary driving for the duration of the storm and use public transportation. For info on MTA service visit Any vehicle found blocking roadways or impeding the ability to plow streets will be towed at the owner’s expense. Alternate Side Parking, payment at parking meters, and garbage collection are suspended citywide until further notice.

  6. Wait, Hold up, Do they still expect us to fucking Pay our Taxes? Really…….And how am i supposed to pay Taxes if i can’t get to fucking work….

    I hate Snow.

  7. I sent Ned a picture of Manhattan street, it looks like people in Manhattan can pay their Taxes……Cause YOU CAN ACTUALLY WALK THERE. AND DRIVE FOR THAT MATTER!!!!

    Why is the DOS doing this to us?

  8. Yesterday there were 28 plows on Knapp St. and this morning Ave W is plowed. YAY,
    I hope there rest of the area has the same wake up.

  9. not exactly SheepsHead but there were plenty of plows between BayPrkwy and 27th avenues in Bath Beach. But only 2or3 salt trucks. But then Bay14th looked barely passable… :-/

  10. Where are the front loaders. While I can’t move my car, I rode my bike to the post office yesterday and saw the horrible condition of my neighboring streets. All that snow, I’d bet they don’t have that in Manhattan, I saw on television this morning a front loading truck picking up snow, piles of snow from the streets. Where are the front loaders for us. I called 311, the operator was pissed at the question, she had not idea and hung up when I asked for the phone number of Sanitation.


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