Of All The Places To Poop, This Might Be The Worst

Photo by PayPaul

Sheepshead Bites reader PayPaul spotted the terrible tableau of appalling irony you see above and sent us the photo along with the following message:

Today I saw a blatant example what some us humans do or do not do when they are allowed to have animals. It is not only one but two blatant instances of disregard or even disrespect given to the sign posted on the fence by the Knights Of Columbus on Emmons Avenue. Is the sign to [sic] low for them to read or can the pet owners read at all? Perhaps it’s more a case of not caring for the rights of others over their own. Is it symptomatic of a greater disregard for decency in Sheepshead Bay? The evidence is here for all to see, smell and step in. If things keep going the way they are we are going to be in real deep.

Amen, brother.

While once lamenting a similar minefield of dog turds along a stretch of sidewalk, the possibility was pointed out to me that stray animals could be just as culpable for such an offense, and I have certainly taken that notion into consideration, but still… my gut instincts tell me: “Naaaaaaaah.”

Assuming the droppings were left by dogs whose owners do not possess the decency to clean up after their canine companions, consider this: While we live in difficult times, the very least we can do is try to have some pride in our community, because in helping to keep a clean community, we also help to make Sheepshead Bay a more marketable neighborhood — one in which people might wish to vacation in the various hotels along our waterfront, eat in our ethnic restaurants, open businesses along our major corridors, and further invest money into the community we all call home.

To leave two steaming piles of dog poop on the sidewalk in front of a memorial to our veterans and next to the Knights of Columbus building is a lowbrow, disrespectful act of classlessness, one for which there is no excuse. It doesn’t cost anything to take a plastic bag or, if you prefer to be more eco-friendly, some newspapers with you when you take your dog for a walk.

Simply put, if you are unable to clean up after your dog, you shouldn’t have one in the first place.