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Of All The Places To Poop, This Might Be The Worst

Photo by PayPaul

Sheepshead Bites reader PayPaul spotted the terrible tableau of appalling irony you see above and sent us the photo along with the following message:

Today I saw a blatant example what some us humans do or do not do when they are allowed to have animals. It is not only one but two blatant instances of disregard or even disrespect given to the sign posted on the fence by the Knights Of Columbus on Emmons Avenue. Is the sign to [sic] low for them to read or can the pet owners read at all? Perhaps it’s more a case of not caring for the rights of others over their own. Is it symptomatic of a greater disregard for decency in Sheepshead Bay? The evidence is here for all to see, smell and step in. If things keep going the way they are we are going to be in real deep.

Amen, brother.

While once lamenting a similar minefield of dog turds along a stretch of sidewalk, the possibility was pointed out to me that stray animals could be just as culpable for such an offense, and I have certainly taken that notion into consideration, but still… my gut instincts tell me: “Naaaaaaaah.”

Assuming the droppings were left by dogs whose owners do not possess the decency to clean up after their canine companions, consider this: While we live in difficult times, the very least we can do is try to have some pride in our community, because in helping to keep a clean community, we also help to make Sheepshead Bay a more marketable neighborhood — one in which people might wish to vacation in the various hotels along our waterfront, eat in our ethnic restaurants, open businesses along our major corridors, and further invest money into the community we all call home.

To leave two steaming piles of dog poop on the sidewalk in front of a memorial to our veterans and next to the Knights of Columbus building is a lowbrow, disrespectful act of classlessness, one for which there is no excuse. It doesn’t cost anything to take a plastic bag or, if you prefer to be more eco-friendly, some newspapers with you when you take your dog for a walk.

Simply put, if you are unable to clean up after your dog, you shouldn’t have one in the first place.

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  1. i once saw this girl walking her dog near my house, dog stopped to poop, after he was done, they kept walking…. Away without picking it up,

    Good thing i had my Trusty Pellet gun 🙂  i did the honor of picking it up for them, while Pelting her dog right in the Ass, which left him running…….. and the girl well….. Falling on her face.

    Hope she learned her lesson. i think she did cause our block has been clean for nearly 5 years now 🙂

  2.  On E14th there are a couple of these doggy-bag dispensers that neighbors put up and they actually improved the situation. They do cost some $, but it’s not a terrible expense for a block that cares, I think.

    In general, it’s sad how dirty Sheepshead Bay Rd. is — I feel if only it were cleaner and nicer (maybe a couple benches, some flowers) more people would make the trek from the Q train stop to the lovely area along the bay, and more people would shop there and hang out on the street longer, which only benefits the shop owners.

  3. I happen to be strolling along our lovely waterfront promenade, on Emmons yesterday afternoon. The weather was balmy, and our comrades were out in force. I would say about ninety percent of the folks I passed were speaking Russian! Maybe the sign could also be written in Cyrillic! I’m sure we could find a former Hero of the Soviet Union, winner of the Order of Lenin, or prior KGB agent, now residing amongst us, in the real Workman’s Paradise, to translate! Just a suggestion…

  4. Perhaps a pictogram would do the trick.
    I was reminded of the old gags in Mad magazine. Every time someone steps in these “steaming piles” it was signified by the word “glitch!”.

  5. Between the dog poop, the overflowing trash receptacles on both Avenue U and Sheepshead Bay Road and the the ever present Red Bull cans littering the gutters, Sheepshead Bay has become the dumping ground of the Rich and infamous.

    I did think there was a law in place about store owners being responsible for cleaning the sidewalks in front of their establishment, which some do. Yet can we have a little more responsibility and respect from the rest of us who live here? Why should business solely shoulder the burden? I like what’s being done on East 14th Street. Perhaps it’s a policy that can be enacted on every block here. Another suggestion would be to not only have the official Sheepshead Bay trash receptacles on Emmons but place them on every corner of Avenues V, X, Y and Z. At least the pigs may not have a more convenient excuse for tossing their trash and not picking up after their dogs. I know some would say those people belong in those receptacles but at least there would be a place for their garbage.

  6. That poop is in front of the Veterans Memorial on Emmons Ave Batchelder and Brown Street !!!Not the Knights Of Columbus…The problem is that this is not enforced. Im sure when you go in the owners houses they are sparkling clean they only care about their property.

  7. This has been a common problem in the same area for at least 15years.  It gets worse between this memorial and Knapp Street.  At times you can’t even walk on the sidewalk.  I’m a dog walker who does pick up his waste.  I always worried he would catch something if I walked him there.

  8. being a dog owner myself I am outraged by the constant presence of piles of fresh shit every morning in my block and almost every block we walk through. What does surprise me though is that I have yet to see the pig of the dog owner in (in)action. Every time I see some neighborhood dog take a dump, the person on the other end of the leash diligently cleans up, so whoever leaves those steaming lags on the sidewalk must be either invisible, or walks in the wee hours of the morning. We need enforcement and heavy fines, since common sense and neighborly courtesy have failed.

  9. The police are always looking for ways to boost revenue.  This is the easiest way!  No one picks up on my block!  Make the penalty high enough and we’ll get out of debt in no time!

  10. people just do not care – I can not tell you how much poop is in the grass along the side of my house and when I see people letting their dog go on the grass  – and ask them politely not to walk their dog on my grass they have the nerve to say its not your property its the city’s property – what!! I pay taxes for my property, I pay a landscaper to take care of the grass – I am responsible to keep it clean otherwise I will get a ticket- my kids play near and around that grass  –  And what does that mean its the city’s property – so I quess its okay to leave the shit on city’s property???  People have no respect for other people’s property or to keep the neighborhood clean – between the poop and people cleaning their cars out and dumping all their garbage along my house its crazy –

  11. When I was out for a morning jog, I saw a couple walking a little dog.   They let the dog poop on the sidewalk by a tree.   Yelling at how disgusting they were and how I can give them a bag(since I walk my dogs and usually keep extra bags in my pocket).  They claimed that they were going to handle it when they finish their walk.    I was yelling at them and stalked them home(which turned out to be 3 doors down from me), and was surprised that they actually went back to pick up the poop.  

    There’s at least one huge dog that I haven’t had the chance to catch in action.   He leaves huge piles, and I’m sure that I know who the owners are.   Just need to catch them.

  12. I live not far from where this pic was taken along Emmons Ave.

    This block is a landmine of dogsh*t for as long as I can remember.

    In my opinion, people who do this don’t deserve to have a pet.

  13. Oh well. I know KOC is next door. Having that mess right in front of the Veterans Memorial is the ultimate in disrespect!!

  14. Never mind the girl or the dog. Shoot at the shit and they’d both end up with it in their faces. One of these days with all this going on, the shit is going to hit the proverbial propeller!

  15. Hold up, it’s a Pellet Gun….  it hurts just like a 5 year old can pinch you.   All it did was Scare the Crap out of the Dog which Yoinked on the leash which ended up with the girl bustin herself face first.

    Before you rush to conclusions…. she had a Pitbull…. and you sure as fuck can’t hurt a pitbull with a pellet.

  16. The Poor dog is a Pitbull,  Pits don’t feel pain like other dogs,  so the Pinch the pellet did, all it did was scare him!

    And i can’t shoot girls….. not in my nature. if it was a dude, wouldn’t think twice.

    Shoot With a pellet gun i just want to clear that up…

  17. maybe they (whoever) though that by pet.. sign meant pets like…. pet fish or pet turtle… maybe that dog was not a pet..

  18. If the fucking sign was in Russian maybe the shit would have gotten picked up. No one in Bk reads or speaks English anymore.

  19. If the fucking sign was in Russian maybe the shit would have gotten picked up. No one reads or speaks English anymore


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