Ocean Avenue Accident Victim Says He's Okay

UPDATE (11:05 a.m.): Waqar K., one of the injured in yesterday’s six car accident, who wrote in last night to let us know how he was feeling (original post is below), wrote in again to let us know about the condition of a third injured pedestrian. Waqar writes:

The 3rd pedestrian was a local coming out of a store(Not sure). He saw the infinti swerving at him and he leaped over the front of the hood. He landed on his elbow and broke it. The landing really damaged his wrist as well.

Bad as that is, we hope it’s the full extent of his injuries and nothing worse.

Original post:

One of the victims of yesterday’s six car accident on Ocean Avenue near Avenue U wrote in late last night to let us know he is doing well.

He writes:

My name is Waqar K., and I was the driver of the maroon Nissan Altima. My girl friend, who was sitting in the passenger seat, and I were hospitalized, but we’re alright now. No major injuries. The information submitted was very accurate, but I don’t remembering bumping into a mercedes. We thank everyone for the concern and best regards.

That’s great news, and it covers two out of three of the people injured. The condition of the third, a pedestrian, is still unknown.

If you don’t recall, Waqar’s car was the first one hit by the incoming Infiniti SUV, turning his driver-side door into a concave mess [photo above], and planting a chunk of bumper in his windshield. When I came upon his car at the scene, before I found out about the pedestrian, it seemed to me that if anyone was seriously injured from the unfortunate accident, it would’ve been this driver.

Glad to hear he and his girlfriend are okay.


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