Ocean Ave Entrance to Prospect Park Closes to Cars on June 18

Ocean Ave Entrance to Prospect Park Closes to Cars on June 18

Remember the plan to make the intersection of Ocean and Parkside Avenues safer for pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers? You know, that intersection that is in the 99th percentile of most dangerous intersections in the city?

Well, the process to redesign the intersection to straighten the angles is starting. Step one is to close the entrance to Prospect Park to vehicular traffic at that intersection, which goes into effect on Monday, June 18.

With the closure, the DOT will be able to bump out that corner (much the same way that it was done at Grand Army Plaza). “In the tightened intersection design,” the DOT explains, “crossing pedestrians are closer and more visible to drivers looking to find a gap in opposing traffic.”

Additional changes to the intersection will include new crosswalk markings, a longer bus stop for the B12, elimination of a taxi stand, and new turn lanes. With the changes, the DOT anticipates a 50% decline in crashes and injuries.

There has been discussion about making Park Drive accessible to vehicles via the Lincoln Road exit, which is currently one-way. It was previously stated that this would be the last phase of the Lakeside construction process, but it’s not clear if funds for making Lincoln Road two-way have been identified yet.


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