NYT Visits Mill Basin

NYT Visits Mill Basin
Photo by Erica Sherman / BKLYNER

“Mill Basin is a place of boaters and sun lovers. Streets curve along almost 360 degrees of waterfront, with docks sticking out from houses like sassy protruding tongues. Boat trailers park on front lawns; swimming pools are abundant. Some visitors liken the neighborhood to Miami. It certainly doesn’t feel like Brooklyn”  The New York Times remarks in its latest review of Mill Basin.

Reporter remarks that “recent years have brought Russians, Israelis, Orthodox Jews and Asians to the largely Italian-American community,” and points to the house of the former wife of Russian oligarch that was listed a few years back for some $30 million, and is now asking just $18 million dollars.

Local spots mentioned: La Villa pizzeria, Lindower Park, Main House BBQ.

Lastly –

“The Vibe

This house-proud community is not afraid to lard on the ironwork and topiary. Most of the people out on a weekday summer afternoon had some kind of landscaping tool in their hands or were making noises behind construction barriers.”

Does that sound like the Mill Basin you know?