NYPD School Safety Agent Killed in Murder-Suicide

NYPD School Safety Agent Killed in Murder-Suicide

CLINTON HILL – A man shot and killed his girlfriend– who was an NYPD school safety agent– and then shot and killed himself over the weekend.

On Sunday, September 15 at around 11:20 p.m., cops were called to a “harassment in progress” at an apartment in Clermont Avenue near Flushing Avenue. There, 47-year-old Jancy Dempster and 44-year-old Naire McCormick, who’s a model as well as a school safety agent, were both found dead with gunshot wounds to their heads.

Dempster was McCormick’s boyfriend, the NY Post reported. He shot himself, turned the gun on McCormick and killed her, too. Cops say McCormick’s 12-year-old son was in the room next door at the time of the shooting along with Dempster’s cousin. Both were thankfully unharmed.

Cops say the investigation is still ongoing.