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City To Crack Down On Tanning Salons

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I’m not one to go tanning at a salon, but I’ve got enough carrot-toned neighbors to know it’s a pretty popular pastime in our area. So I thought I’d pass along the news that the Bloomberg administration has announced a new set of regulations for tanning salons and will soon begin inspections to ensure compliance.

The biggest policy changes is a new requirement that the Health Department inspect tanning salons, UV machines and timers every two years, and that salons install signs warning customers of the dangers of skin cancer that could result from use of the equipment.

While conducting inspections, the Health department will also be checking permits, according to the New York Post, as there are at least 100 tanning salons that are operating illegally in New York City.

Here are a few more details from the paper:

Operators of UV equipment for the first time would undergo training.

The department will also enforce the state law that bars adolescents under 17 from frequenting tanning salons and launch a public education campaign at salons to warn New Yorkers — particularly adolescents — of the dangers of absorbing too much UV radiation.

So is this more nanny-ism, or good public health policy? You tell us.

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  1. I wonder how much of this our gov’t and people think we can afford. Do we really think money grows on trees, and that we can assign regulation and resource to every possible occurrence of every possible danger that every possible person can encounter? The whole darned economy is going to collapse under the weight of this line of thinking. And I’m not even considering the issues of nannyism.

  2. Everyone has their own agenda…..I
    pretty sure at this point that law makers, politicians and cops are just
    crooks…they steal, lie and harass people and get away with it meanwhile you
    and I would face punishment some sort. Look at Nassau Police Commissioner was force
    to resign over his own arrogance and abusing his authority for false arrest
    just because he can. I am sure he gets to keep his very nice pension, benefits,
    and bonuses and perks that came with his now retirement…

  3. Can it be both nanny-ism and good public health policy? The reason these public health laws get enacted in the first place is the public has demonstrated that it’s incapable of making prudent decisions. The segment of the public that does make prudent decisions ends up paying for the bad decisions of others. I guess it comes down to which costs more, implementation and enforcement of the policy, or dealing with the costs of skin cancer? That’s basically the logic behind the soda ban, too. As a taxpayer, I end up financing other peoples’ so-called “lifestyle choices” when they can’t pay their healthcare costs and it falls on the government to foot the bill.


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