Number of Community Board Applications Dramatically Rise In Brooklyn

Brooklyn Borough Hall by jmf0802 via Instagram

Frustrated by the election results and by the new administration, New Yorkers are hoping to make a difference by becoming more active locally.

A recent Wall Street Journal article reports that the number of applications to serve on community boards throughout the city has risen 20% or more in three of the city’s five boroughs.

There are 59 community boards in New York City. Each board consists of 50 unpaid appointees, selected by their borough president. Community board members serve 2-year terms and act as advisory councils on neighborhood land use, city services, and budgeting.

A community board serves as the official municipal body that advises elected officials and government agencies on matters and issues that affect its district and residents.

In Brooklyn, community board applications have shot up, with the Borough President’s office receiving 1,100 applications so far for 2017.

Stefan Ringel, Communications Director for Borough President Eric Adams, confirms the increase in applications for Brooklyn’s 18 community boards, adding that the office received 600 applications in 2016 and about 525 in 2015.

Ringel notes that candidates were able to apply online for the first time this year and that the office will continue to accept applications on a rolling basis after the February 15, 2017 deadline to ensure a “robust and diverse pool of submissions year-round.”

In a statement, Adams says, ““We are excited about the increased interest in Brooklyn’s community boards, the most hyperlocal level of our government.”

“More broadly, it emblemizes the spike in civic engagement since the election of President Trump, a spike I hope is sustained through continued participation and peaceful agitation of our political system,” he adds.

The current numbers account for both new applications as well as reappointment applications. There are no term limits. After serving 2 years, appointees may reapply.

Top 5 Brooklyn districts for new applicants:
CB3—Bedford-Stuyvesant, Ocean Hill, Stuyvesant Heights
CB2—Boerum Hill, Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn Navy Yard, Clinton Hill, Fort Greene, Fulton Ferry, Fulton Mall
CB1—Flushing Avenue, Greenpoint, Northside, Southside, Williamsburg
CB6—Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill, Gowanus, Park Slope, Red Hook
A fifth-place tie between CB18, serving Bergen Beach, Carnarsie, Flatlands, Georgetown, Marine Park, Mill Basin, Mill Island, and CB8, serving Crown Heights, Prospect Heights, And Weeksville.

Top 5 Brooklyn districts for total applicants (including new and reappointment applications) are:
CB3—Bedford-Stuyvesant, Ocean Hill, Stuyvesant Heights
CB2—Boerum Hill, Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn Navy Yard, Clinton Hill, Fort Greene, Fulton Ferry, Fulton Mall
CB1—Flushing Avenue, Greenpoint, Northside, Southside, Williamsburg
CB6—Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill, Gowanus, Park Slope, Red Hook.
CB18— Bergen Beach, Carnarsie, Flatlands, Georgetown, Marine Park, Mill Basin, Mill Island

Click here for the online Brooklyn Community Board Application.

Here’s a handy guide with advice on how to join your local community board.


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  1. It’s disturbing and downright nauseous to read in every single publication – printed or on-line — about how everyone’s upset with the outcome of the election and how “we” must stand against what constitutes logic, common sense, family values, Americana, capitalism, prosperity, independence, nationalism and president’s desire to bring back some normalcy into our everyday lives, while making our country prosperous and strong once again.
    What the hell is wrong with these people??????

    It might come to some of you as a major surprise, but not all of us are “grieving” – some are actually celebrating the long overdue “hope & change”, Obama had promised us. Didn’t know there were so many anti-American pro-Socialism/Communism people around, hating capitalism and all things American while secretly dreaming of totalitarianism!

    Miss Hillary a whole lot?
    Known paid Chinese agent, she openly announced herself she wanted to start a NUCLEAR war with Russia. Do you love nuclear?

    And are you for the open borders and “LEGAL” immigrants, no matter how MSM tries to dress it up?
    Beautiful, then take all doors off in your home, let 15 unchecked/un-vetted and possibly dangerously sick strangers in, (we’re talking here leprosy, TB, etc.), who’ll eat your food, sleep in your bed, steal your money and maybe even sexually assault you or women in your home in the process, while trying to convert you to their religion (if they are Muslims).
    Some of them, if they decide to actually find a “job”, are ready to work for pennies on a dollar, so you will lose yours to them. Money they will earn, will be sent abroad to their families, so it won’t be circulating in the US economy, making inflation even higher.
    As for blending with our culture – forget it, as it’s not on their agenda, especially if Obama’s US military bombed their war-torn regions and then decided to bring them here: they ALREADY hate you for who you are and want to destory you. Not all, but a whole lot of them feel that way. They dream of caliphate world over with women here being their slaves wearing hijabs. Conquer us all – not blending in — is their mission!

    Hardened criminals, army combatants of military age (18-29), infiltrating the US under a false pretense of coming here first, so their families will follow later or at how about some 29 y.o. claiming to be “children”.
    Almost no women accompany them, though they are reported as “families”. Amongst Muslim immigrants there’s ONLY 1(!)% of Christians population.
    There’s a petition with over 56,000 signatures to get J.K. Rowling (one of the wealthiest women-proponents of the open border & the author of ‘Harry Potter’) to host refugees in her 18-bedroom mansion. J.K. Rowling has been trolling Trump supporters for weeks, now she’s getting trolled with a Change.org and as of now, has stayed dead silent on the subject. So much for the liberal ‘love’ for illegal immigrants – just as long as they are ‘not in my backyard’.

    Or what about 10,000 Chinese pregnant women arriving to the US, so they can give birth here for free, and once having these anchor babies, bring their entire families over to milk our welfare system?

    Oh, and Trump managed in some 50+ days to bring back dozens of mega-companies back into the US, created ALREADY over 330K new jobs, added 3 TRILLION dollars to the stock market, that resulted in a recent jump of 21,000 points — something never seen before; gave $25 Millions to the black communities for development and is well on his way to make our cities safe and protect their citizens…

    And just wait until they stop taking taxes from those, who make less than 40K/year – see what a few hundred dollars to their paycheck will do to the people’s lives and their morale!

    So, is this what people are protesting against and what MSM stays dead quiet on?
    If so, please buy tickets to North Korea or Cuba — you’ll love luxurious communist lifestyle accommodations Hillary & Obama had planned for you… Drop us a postcard.

    By definition, liberals can NOT reasonably, sensibly and with any kind of proof – without re-singing the standard MSM’s emotional responses like “racist-fascist-bigot-homo-xeno-phobe etc. – prove why they hate Trump and show when, where and under what circumstances he said what he is accused of.
    If they can, then we’ll talk.
    Until then, no proof – no discussion.


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