Now Closed: Mega Glass

Now Closed: Mega Glass
Now Closed: Mega Glass

Mega Glass, the glass and mirrors workshop at 51 5th Avenue, is officially closed for business in that storefront. Listed for lease back in the spring, the space has housed glasswork businesses for more than 100 years. You’ll still be able to reach them, though — stay tuned to their website, and for any questions call them at 718-638-7511.

Mega Glass by Shawn Hoke on Flickr

Local photographer Shawn Hoke has a lovely post about his experiences with the shop, which he’d have cut glass for him for prints, for his developing trays, and more. When he learned the shop would be closing, he asked if it would be okay to bring in his large-format 8×10 camera to take some photos, one of which is shown above — be sure to click over to the Flickr page to see the extraordinary details that the giant negatives allow. He brought the owner prints the following week:

When I walked in the walls were bare. The shop was almost empty. The prints I handed him captured his shop as it was just a week before and he was overjoyed to see beautifully detailed B&W hand made prints of his shop when it was still a shop.

Renovation on the space starts tomorrow, as The Chocolate Room will be moving down the street from their current space at 86 5th Ave. The business is running a Kickstarter campaign to raise $40,000 for the relocation.

Bottom photo by Shawn Hoke