North Brooklyn Residents Skeptical About DOT Carshare Pilot

WILLIAMSBURG – Residents in Brooklyn’s Community Board #1 expressed skepticism at the DOT’s plan to introduce dedicated carshare parking spaces in North Brooklyn this fall.

The pilot will take place in two zones determined by the DOT: Williamsburg and East Williamsburg.

North Brooklyn locations for the DOT’s Carshare Pilot (Graphic via NYC DOT)

In the Williamsburg zone, the DOT will introduce dedicated carshare parking in 30 parking spaces across 15 locations. The DOT is looking for locations that have two unmetered parking spots at a block corner.

Possible locations for carshare parking in Williamsburg (Graphic via NYC DOT)

In East Williamsburg, 12 parking spaces at 6 locations will be allocated to carshare-only parking.

Possible locations for carshare parking in East Williamsburg (Graphic via NYC DOT)

The DOT is looking for feedback from the community regarding the placement of carshare parking spaces, and have set up a website for community members to learn more about the pilot program.

The online portal links to interactive maps where users can drop a pin and leave a comment at places where they’d like to see a carshare location, or places where they absolutely wouldn’t.

Community board members and residents alike seemed skeptical of the plan. Some were focused entirely on the loss of spaces to carshare companies—not the potential upside of taking cars off the road.

Others felt burned by previous attempts at soliciting community input, citing CitiBike. Objections were raised that initial community feedback was ignored when the bike share moved into the area.

A representative stressed the nimble nature of the two-year pilot—they’d be able to pull permits for companies that didn’t follow the rules, or remove carshare spaces that weren’t being utilized.

Newly re-elected Council Member Antonio Reynoso addressed the community board later in the evening, and confirmed his support for the program—especially in the face of the coming L train closure.

“We need to get creative,” Reynoso said of the carshare’s efforts to reduce the number of cars on the road.

The council member cited not only traffic, but difficulties parking and poor air quality as reasons to support the carshare pilot, stating that there were simply “too many cars” on the road.

“If it doesn’t work,” Reynoso said of the pilot program, “I’ll be the first one to admit it, and fight to get them out of there.”

The Carshare Pilot is set to launch by the end of 2017 (Graphic via NYC DOT)

The Carshare Pilot is set to launch by the end of 2017 and will run for two years. Make sure to read our initial coverage of the carsharing announcement, which explains the citywide details of the program in depth.

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Paul Stremple

Paul was a staff reporter at Bklyner, responsible for covering Northern and Eastern parts of Brooklyn between August 2017 and January 2019.


  1. This is the worst idea ever. DOT screws up yet again. They do not understand what actually takes place.

    1) People will not give up their personal cars. Williamsburg is full of car owners. Tons with out of state plates that will never show up in NYC Traffic studies or residences. Stop adding MORE to already crowded streets. This will not reduce traffic, just adds to it and takes away the already minimal parking in the area. How about build more public parking garages/lots instead of putting more cars on the streets???? This is what NYC does not understand about the area. People are commuters in this neighborhood.

    2) There area already dozens and dozens of Uber/Lyft/TLC all over the area. They sit in their parked cars all over the neighborhood. DOT should do a study, remove every TLC/Uber/Taxi from the roads for just one day… see how little traffic there actually is. These are the problems, not the solutions.

    3) DOT needs to figure out a better way to funnel people from Greenpoint to the BQE towards Staten Island & NJ without using Greenpoint Ave. Too much traffic on these streets now. 10-15 years ago, everyone left the area at the end of the work day… those same people STILL work here. Yet getting out of the area takes 30 minutes to go less than a mile now. You need a direct, no stop signs or traffic light street to get people in and out. Poor planning. Whomever is in charge of the DOT needs to be fired right away.

    4) There already is Cars2Go and other companies just like it. Those cars end up being left in illegal places and ticketed all the time. They are a problem already…. why would you add more to it?

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