No, We Are Not Being Invaded

Look up in the sky! It’s a really fat bird! No, it’s a plane – with girth! It’s… it’s… the U.S. Navy MZ-3A Airship. Wait a sec. Our military uses blimps? I thought that was just from cheesy sci-fi movies.

Don’t tell China, but Notify NYC sent out the following alert last night”

Notification issued 11/08/11 at 5:45 PM. Weather permitting, the U.S. Navy and the FAA will conduct capabilities flights using a U.S. Navy MZ-3A Airship (a blimp) in and around NYC tomorrow, 11/09/11, from 9:00 AM-4:30 PM.  The flights will be based out of Floyd Bennett Field, Brooklyn, and will operate at altitudes of 1,000 feet and below.

Blimps? Didn’t they go out with the Hindenburg? I hope it doesn’t crash like a lead Zeppelin! Insert your inappropriate joke here.