No New Italian Restaurant for Cortelyou

No New Italian Restaurant for Cortelyou

Instead of seeing work to turn the former Carmen 2002 Beauty Salon into an Italian restaurant, we recently noticed some new “for rent” signs at 1611 Cortelyou Road, between E 16th and E 17th. Neighboring business owners told us that they’d heard the deal had fallen through, and that the space is indeed back on the market.

We’ve reached out to locals Anna da Silva and Mauro Servisi, who had previously told us about their plans to bring a restaurant like their ones in Manhattan to their home neighborhood, but haven’t heard back yet. We’re hoping they’re still looking, and we’ll let you know what we hear.

UPDATE from Mauro and Anna:

After many e-mails, phone calls and twittering of fingers, we sadly had to put the brakes on the Cortelyou space. The space requires a very expensive budget for what we wanted to do. The landlord tried to make it work, he’s a lovely person and whoever gets the space will be very happy with him.
We are however, actively looking for another space on Cortelyou that’s a better fit.

If you’re looking for a space to rent, this is one of the few open commercial spaces on Cortelyou that seems open to actually having tenants. Contact the landlord at 516-352-5617 or 561-859-4950 for more info.