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No Cemitas For 5th Avenue, But Another Nail Salon


Coming Soon: Bloomie Nail Salon, 435 5th Ave
In November of last year, an awning went up¬†above 435 5th Avenue, between 8th and 9th Streets, for a cemiteria, allowing us to imagine Mexican sandwiches on fresh-baked bread that were soon to come. But by January, there didn’t seem to be any action inside, and a “for rent” sign went up on the new awning. And now, a new awning — but also some significant work, so we’re guessing this will indeed open.

The new spot will be called Bloomie Nail Salon, and they’re currently undergoing some serious renovation to add a counter, partitions, a waxing room, a blower station, and some new bathroom equipment, according to the plans filed with the Department of Buildings.

Of course, this isn’t the only nail salon on 5th Ave — Reedchy recently opened between Garfield and 1st, and there are a few (okay, perhaps several) others in the area. What do you think — are you looking forward to a new option?

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