New Directions As Arbuz Moves Beyond Frozen Yogurt

Arbuz, the frozen yogurt peddler at 1706 Sheepshead Bay Road, has been quietly expanding its offerings beyond frozen treats and dessert.

Arbuz opened in August 2009 looking a lot like a local twist on the Pinkberry and Red Mango craze sweeping through Manhattan and Northern Brooklyn. But owner Rovshan Danilov wrote to us this morning to announce their new direction – and we’ve noticed that they pulled down the “Frozen desserts from A to Z” tagline that once graced their sign. He writes:

Arbuz has become so much more than just a frozen yogurt shop. Arbuz is now a cafe, where locals and Sheepshead Bay guests can have fun over a cup of hot chocolate or lunch with one of our many savory Crepe options …   The transformation from just a yogurt shop to a cafe was driven by customer demand. Our fans wanted more and we catered … Our additions to the menu include: Crepes (both savory and sweet), Liege Waffles, Wraps, Chocolate Fondue, over 20 varieties of teas, Fresh Squeezed Juices and more.  As for the additions to the café, we’ve added bigger tables, Free WiFi and are looking to have outside seating by this coming spring. And let’s not forget service, Arbuz now delivers for free. Our intent is to become an affordable and a relaxing hang-out spot in Sheepshead Bay all year around. Really, we can’t thank enough our neighborhood fans, you guys have been great!

They’ve been rolling out many of these changes one-by-one over the last six months or so, with the latest being the fondue. What do you think of their evolution?


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