Modern Design Toned Down for New Williamsburg Apartment Building

The updated rendering for the 83 Humboldt Street project, designed by architect Aaron Machlis (Rendering by BEAM Architects)

WILLIAMSBURG – A proposed development coming to Humboldt Street in Williamsburg has received a bit of a makeover, with a new rendering showing a toned-down design that’s more in keeping with neighboring apartments.

The four-story building, a product of BEAM Architects, was originally planned to have a sleek, modern exterior of brushed aluminum and wood paneling, YIMBY reported. Now, updated designs show brickwork on the facade, which would match the large apartment directly adjoining the building.

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It looks like the 4-story building, which will create 10 apartments, will feature floor-to-ceiling windows for most of the units facing the street. Design details also include a finished roof.

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The currently vacant lot was once home to a Pizza Magic outpost, as well as the Nine Dragons Chinese take-out. The lot is registered to Yoel Berkovits of Park Hill Design, Inc, and the original structure was demolished in 2014. Construction is underway on the new building, which is currently framed out, as seen below:

The building under construction at 83 Humboldt Street (Via BEAM Group)

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