New Clare and the Reasons Album Getting Good Buzz

The Ditmas Park-based band Clare and the Reasons released their third album, KR-51, this week, and it’s been receiving some great reviews.

From the New York Times:

Other songs turn surreal, like “Westward,” overlaying folky picking with Hollywood-epic swirls for the tale of a woman trying to sail away from her sorrows. Like the rest of the album, it’s an exquisite, mutable voyage.

About the video above, from a song on the album, NPR says:

The stylish black-and-white video, swirling orchestration and poignant lyrics carry the viewer throughout this bittersweet circus tale, inspired by the NYTimes article. Clare sings, “They left the show to raise you/But it’s all you want/And it’s all you know.” Each verse is punctuated with her anxious, breathy laugh.

And from Paste:

The album’s most redeeming quality is its unobtrusive nature, evoking the same comfortable familiarity as a favorite t-shirt: it floats around you like it just belongs there.

You can stream the album live at MTV Hive now, and you catch them live at Le Poisson Rouge in the Village on Wednesday, July 18 at 6pm.


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