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New Bridal Shop Opens On Sheepshead Bay Road


Veronica Design & Alyona Subbotina, a new bridal shop, is now open at 1665 Sheepshead Bay Road.

The business opened sometime in August, but hasn’t yet installed a sign. (See update below)

According to the business’ website, Veronica Design & Alyona Subbotina is a Manhattan-based designer with stores in Manhattan, Philadelphia and Germany (and, now, Brooklyn).

UPDATE (10/9/2012): At the request of the owner, we’ve added a new photo at the top of this post that has the business’ sign, installed days after our report. The original photo is below.

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  1. Minimal signage could be a new pretense. Or is a sign that they can barely make the rent. If that is the case I hope they get some business. We need an active shopping street.

  2. The most cheapest gowns i have ever eeen. The stones are placed horribly on it. The fabric is cheap. There is no support on the breast part. Davids bridal looks better than these cheap poorly made dresses.btw with monicas bridal 2 doors down i cant imagine this place even surviving. The dresses dont even feel good to touch.


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