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National Grid Resumes 100% Service On Ocean Parkway


We got an e-mail from National Grid yesterday afternoon informing us that service is now available to 100 percent of the area along Ocean Parkway that has been without gas since Tuesday.

The company completed pumping 46,000 gallons of water out of flooded gas pipes and reopened the lines in full yesterday. By the afternoon, National Grid had visited 900 of the 1,200 households affected to turn the gas back on and relight appliances.

They continued to make the rounds to the remaining 300 households, only needing access to the homes from the landlord to relight it.

Natural gas service to 1,200 Gravesend homes was cut after a high-pressure water main leak on Ocean Parkway and Avenue U erupted on Tuesday. Thousands of gallons of water gushed into a 12-inch low-pressure National Grid gas main.

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  1. I don’t think so. I can’t imagine they were able to fill in and repave all of the 160 excavation sites over the weekend alone. I think it’ll take a few days at least.

  2. National Grid came to my mother and sisters house yesterday to blow water from the gas lines in order to restore service and the technician told them it would be 3 – 5 weeks before the situation was completely under control and told them to expect more  gas outages due to all the water in the lines.

  3. So I asked about this and received the following response:

    “Customers can expect reliable gas service, we do not anticipate any wide-spread gas outages. When there is a massive quantity of water in the system as occurred after a high-pressure water main leak sent about 50,000 gallons of water into the local system, it’s not unusual for us to encounter additional water once pumping is complete. Over the next several weeks we will continue to have trucks and crews in the area to monitor to make sure that additional pumping is not required and to backfill the excavations and restore and pave the streets and sidewalks. Customers should call National Grid at 718-643-4050 if they have any questions or additional service needs.”

  4. I’m sure this is like anything else.  Each tech you ask the same question to will prob. give you a diff. answer.  Hopefully everything is back to normal and we can all start enjoying hot water and clean clothing again.


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