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Mystery Art Exhibition and Sale at PS107 this Saturday


PARK SLOPE – Can you tell which was made by a 5th grader, and which by an established local artist? Can you spot emerging talent? This Saturday, a Mystery Art Exhibition & Sale will take place from 12-3 in the PS107 Cafeteria.
This unique take on a school fundraiser will display over 200 equally priced ($20 or $40 if you want it framed), anonymous, 6×6″ pieces. The buyer will only learn who created their piece after purchase, and all of the money goes to the Parent Teacher Association at P.S. 107.
Julia Austen-Brown, Susan Shamoto and Allison Sprouse, all parents of 5th-grade students at the school, came up with the idea for The Mystery Art Exhibition + Sale, and organized the event with support from the school’s principal Eve Litwack.
The PS107 PTA believes strongly in having every child exposed to Art, and helps to fund art field trips, art residences in each grade, a community Art Day event and generally support the school’s full-time art teacher.
All ready for tomorrow’s exhibition.
Being involved in this special fundraiser was also meaningful for the 5th graders who are graduating this year. It allowed them to participate in and understand the importance of fundraising efforts at their school, expose them to the artistic process of creating and showing their work in a gallery setting.
They were also exposed to a vibrant and diverse community of artists in the neighborhood. Work by every 5th Grader – there are 96 of them – will be on display, as well as work by artists like John Donohue, Gail Flanery, Zipi Green.
PS107 is located at 1301 8th Avenue (between 13th & 14th Streets) in Brooklyn.

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