Southern Brooklyn

Murder At Sheepshead’s Nostrand Houses

Ciera Glenn

Ciera Glenn, 25, mother of a little boy, upcoming graduate of Medgar Evers College, and full-time employee, was enjoying a night out with her boyfriend, Tyree Shelton, 27, at a Halloween party at a Prospect Heights bar. As they left the celebration in the early hours of Saturday, October 30, they couldn’t know that their paths would cross with those of a killer.

As the early morning sun rose over the waking city, a dark scene unfolded in the lobby of 2336 Batchelder Street in the Sheepshead / Nostrand Houses, where Shelton lives. Alone, on the floor and still in costume, Glenn lay dead from multiple gunshot wounds near the mailboxes. The grisly scene was first discovered by a neighbor.

“I opened the lobby door and I saw the young girl dead,” neighbor Luke Kopelakis, 71, told the Daily News. “There was blood in the elevator, blood on the walls.”

Her boyfriend, shot once in the face, was able to drive himself to Coney Island Hospital where he remains in critical condition.

Motives, like suspects, are scarce as police examined the scene. Spooky and smiling Halloween decorations hung nearby as local children geared up for their turn to celebrate a day usually reserved for fun and candy. That is, all except for one little boy.

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  1. wow, How people get guns now a days is beyond my understanding……… it’s as if there’s a grocery store for rifles, and anyone can buy em. :o(

    My condolences goes out to her family. :o(

  2. The tragedy of this story did not come through as it was muddied by the ridiculous writing. I’m sorry, but just report what happened, we don’t need you to set the stage for the murder. “As the early morning sun rose over the waking city?” Really?

  3. “As the early morning sun”, Yup, A lot of crime is committed in the wee hours.
    The thieves know when the pct. is changing guard.

  4. Thieves? I didn’t see anything about thieves in the article.

    Also, you’re missing my point. I get that it happened in the early hours of the day, however, I don’t need the author setting it up so that I feel like I’m reading a dark novel or a script for a movie.

  5. I got your point. It doesn’t bother me. Reporting can be boring in the same old format.
    Nah, nothing said thieves. What was the motive?
    Most shit happens when P.D. is changing guard.
    Got that point?

  6. The motive? Sexual assault? Read in whatever you want.
    Hmmm, you have the statistical evidence to back up your assertion that “most shit happens when P.D. is changing guard?” So most criminals are in tune to when the changing of guard takes place? Maybe it’s the fact that it is fucking dark outside that shit takes place. I see why you like the article though, you too like movies with a city of super smart criminals who are so knowledgable about the “changing of the guard.” I bet you love bank heist movies.

  7. Yes, they do know. I have no statistics to back me up, just 48 years of living here
    worth of experience.
    Sexual assault is way out of the question.
    You are way off about my taste in movies.

    Aaand, don’t say fairy tale either.

    Anyone got the stats?

  8. On a Random note, Why can’t those buildings hire some type of Security Guards? i mean look at all the cops standing around at TD Bank doing nothing……..How about the city actually pays them to stand around at places they might be needed most. /sigh

    Not like anyone is gonna actually Rob a Bank like TD now a days anyways….

  9. They are well aware. Don’t underestimate the intelligence of the criminal class. The point of being a criminal is to get away with a crime.

    And there is literature that describes that very real mode of operation. Unfortunately, its not easily retrievable on the Internet. Copyright laws and the unwillingness of journal publishers to make the contents of their publications available for free.

  10. Sexual assault is way out of the question? What makes you say that? You’re 48 years of living here? I’d like to know what makes you so sure.

    And of course you don’t have statistics to back you up, because you don’t know what you’re talking about. Why don’t we go with the obvious. Bad things happen when it is dark outside because less people are around to see it. That makes more sense than some idiot criminal looking to rob someone late at night because the cops are changing guard. Let’s not create fantastical stories to explain common sense things.

  11. Fact is, you don’t know that it isn’t true. So you can’t say with any certainty that it is not so.

    If I feel so inclined I shall drag out the substance of the available knowledge on this subject. But it would be some work, as it would have to gathered from libraries that have the publications in their collections. I probably could gather the citations on the Internet first. But really, this is such a small matter.

  12. Yes, 48 years of living here and being a bit older than that I have many life experiences to fall back on.Things are obvious,yes. I don’t know why you chose me to give a hard time but go for it. If it keeps you happy.Talk about fantastical, sexual assault is possible but very doubtful.Looking at your history I can see why you would think that way. Now I am done with you,

  13. Typical. Can’t handle an argument so you fall back on implying I have a history of sexual assault. Well, at least you didn’t call me Hitler.

    Also, you’re 48 years of experience are obviously worthless if sexual assault is something fantastical to you. Sadly I’ve got more common sense and knowledge in my 22 years than you have seemed to gather over your lifetime.

  14. I sincerely doubt that. You don’t know who you said that to. nolastname is extremely intelligent and intuitive. That sort of information is experiential, rather than documented. The original point you jumped on is also experiential knowledge. Both nolastname and I have been poking around these woods for over a half century, and if you’ve actually lived your life you learn a lot of things that you didn’t read first.

    You’ve still got a lot of living to do. I hope that along the way you learn how to disagree with people in a manner that doesn’t annoy. The beginning of wisdom is perceiving that others know things you do not.

  15. I don’t mean to annoy and I am not of the opinion that I know everything, or much of anything really. I’ve lived in this area my entire life and have spent a majority of this time outside and seeing the area for what it is. All I was trying to convey is that an individual’s experiences alone are not enough to declare universal truths. nolastname may very well be very intelligent and intuitive, however, all the intelligence in the world doesn’t allow one to make blanket statements without backing them up.

  16. No, I did not say you sexually assaulted anyone. But looking at your internet history I understand your persona a little more.
    At twenty-two years of age I can see where you are coming from.

  17. There are no universal truths, only conditional ones. And the conditions here do suggest that clock time was an element in what transpired.Given more information it would not be impossible to speculate as to why this occurred. But we consider likelihood.Were these two the specific targets? Or an attempted robbery, planned for this because they knew police response would be slower.Bullets fired in a lobby echo. Definitely going to attract some attention. Even at such a hour as when this occurred.Nevertheless, I’m sure they wasted no time in getting out of there.Point is, never underestimate the ability of criminals to plan thoughtfully in advance..

  18. No universal truths? 1+1=2. That is a universal truth.

    Considering likelihood would require statistics. You can’t consider how likely something is without statistics or rules or different elements to allow you to make a prediction.

  19. You’re making the mistake of confusing mathematical equations with truths.

    Secondly, I stated the information is out there. But proving a rather small point is more trouble than it is worth.

    Following the lead of my legal partner, nolastname, counsel rests.

  20. “The NYPD Paid Detail Unit was created in the Spring of 1998 to allow New York City Police Officers to perform off-duty uniformed security work. Officers hired under this program are not paid by taxpayer dollars; rather, they are privately paid by the entity hiring their services. Officers assigned to detail under this program have full law enforcement powers, and perform all police related duties.”

    The only official info on it I could find is a Daily News article from 2003 and an archive of NYPD web page from 2004 (there is nothing on their current web site):

  21. Interesting that more banks don’t hire though this source.

    Though I must admit its discomforting seeing cops looking totally bored. I sort of feel sorry for them. Standing in one place for hours seems tedious for them. Other security people seem more relaxed usually.

  22. Look at the trash that are now living In the Sheepshead-Nostrand houses and you’ll see why this hapenned!!! Sad but true. The S-N houses used to be a great place to live in but not anymore!!! Now the NYCHA is allowing welfare ghetto trash and criminals to move in. Crime and gunshots are now commonplace in the Sh-N houses and it is only going to get worse!


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