MTA To Conduct Review Of A & C Subway Service By End Of 2015

MTA To Conduct Review Of A & C Subway Service By End Of 2015
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Sick of pushing your way into the the crowded cars on the Fulton Street line? You’re not the only one. Responding to pressure from local straphangers and State Senator Daniel Squadron, the MTA has said it will study conditions on the A and C subways.

Squadron announced last week–following commuter advocacy group Riders Alliance‘s petition and letter writing campaign citing outdated train cars, delays in rush hour service, dirty stations, and poor communication from MTA staff–that a “Full-Line Review” of the A and C will be conducted. MTA Chairman Thomas Prendergast had promised such a review of all subway lines in June of 2013, but so far only the F, L, and G trains have been studied.

“I use the C train to get to Penn Station for work,” Riders Alliance member and Clinton Hill resident Andrew Sloat was quoted as saying in Squadron’s announcement. “I try to leave extra time, but you can’t ever predict when there will be delays, and on the C train the delays can be frequent and last a long time.

“I guess the good news is that over the years, I’ve gotten a lot better at sprinting through Penn Station when the C train makes me late.”

The MTA press release announcing the study says their review should be completed “sometime next year.”

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