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MTA? Probably Not Going Your Way Today


If you tried to wait for a bus on Monday, you probably either ended up walking or gave up and went back home. You probably didn’t get a train either, since all the lines in our area are either operating on elevated lines or in open cuts. The open cuts are even more difficult to clear than the elevated lines which will probably have service restored quicker.

Below is the current announcement on the MTA Website:

Due to the unprecedented severity of this storm, there continue to be major disruptions across our system to both subway and bus service. While there has been a resumption of some subway services, major portions of the system are still in the process of being restored, especially those lines that operate along tracks at grade or “open cut”. F Line service is now continuing to Stillwell Avenue and Flushing Line service is running between Times Square and Main Street. Service on the Staten Island Railway is suspended until further notice.

Limited-stop bus service remains suspended. All local buses are making every stop, but are running with delays due to hazardous road conditions and express service is operating but with delays. However, there are still many streets that are too difficult to navigate, which has resulted in suspensions of some routes and or route segments. Remember, if you don’t have to travel, don’t. If you do, please check the Current Service Status on

The local buses statement, however, does not apply to Southern Brooklyn because a dispatcher reported that most if not all of Brooklyn bus routes are suspended for the night because 70 percent of the Brooklyn fleet is stuck on city streets.

Service should resume later today as the streets are plowed but with major delays. If you need a train, your best bet would be to take the B44 to the IRT or a crosstown bus to the F Line. Check the MTA website before heading to find out if Brighton service has resumed. Judging from past major storms, I am predicting Brighton service will resume by the evening rush hour or as late as Wednesday morning.

The writer, Allan Rosen, is a Manhattan Beach resident and former Director of MTA/NYC Transit Bus Planning (1981). For a complete list of his contributions to Sheepshead Bites, which includes many articles about the bus cuts, MTA and DOT, click here.

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  1. Check the service before heading to the trains. I am seeing people walking back from East 16 Street, turning other commuters around as the go.

  2. As of now.. No B.. No Q.. no 44/36 Busses heading anywhere I can see on Nostrand Avenue. Tons of people standing in the middle of the street looking confused and one bus stuck at an intersection since sun night.

  3. I had the TV on during the Mayor’s press conference, and I noted this about Jay Walder – he defended what the MTA has done up to this point, particularly with the passengers stranded on the A-train, but said when the immediate problems are resolved, they’d look at what happened and see if there was something they could have done better. While I was watching, this was a radical departure from the Sanitation commish and the Mayor himself, both of which basically said quit your damned complaining, and if you’re stuck it’s your own damned fault.

    Now I was watching Greg Kelly on Fox 5 this morning, and he definitely had a different opinion of Walder than I did. He basically browbeat the MTA spokesperson they had on the phone over the stranded train and the stranded buses. He was actually kinda a douche because he interrupted her status update and almost didn’t let her say some important stuff like “southern Brooklyn trains are still out of service.” IMHO he could have at least asked her when those trains would be restored and still scold her about it so he could look good in front of his News Corp bosses. At least then I’d have the answer to a question we’ve all been asking for a day now.

    But then, those are my biases – I don’t have the anti-MTA reflex most people in the city have, but I do have the anti-News Corp reflex. You’re our resident expert, Allan, I was wondering what your take is on the MTA’s storm management this time around.

  4. This has to be unprecedented. My co-workers from Jersey and the end of the lines of Queens are at my office right now in the city while I am stuck at home on Avenue Z. Has anyone seen a B68 or B4 on the move yet? The 36 was nada the last time I looked. And by the way, the D may NOT be up and running. The MTA has been reporting it out again on the BDFM line service change page, despite what it says on the summary. The F is the only Coney Island line running regularly at the moment, it seems.

    This storm will be remembered as the Time Brooklyn Was Abandoned.

  5. This city is a desgrace the MTA should have had these trains running people have to get to work. I was at the Neck Road station this morning at 6 until 7:15 hoping ther was a train into manhattan nothing & people were in an uproar over this. I can not blame them. Then transit said take the F train. Another big blunder no Ave U bus after waiting for 1/2 hr. Are they going to pay people who lost a days pay over this???
    The biggist transit system in the country and they run it like crap. they don’t care.
    head of transit did you get to work today????

  6. Brian, you probably know that I am one of the MTA’s chief critics, but in my opinion, they are not guilty of this one. For whatever the reason, Sanitation failed Brooklyn, for whatever reason, budget cuts, workers not being able to get to work, etc. You can’t expect buses to operate if the streets have not been cleared. Here is more:

    I also heard Walder on TV and he did seem sincere. Six hours seems excessive in rescuing people from the A train but what do I know about the technicalities involved. At that news conference, a reporter also reported a #7 train stuck on the el for 7 hours. If true, that to me sounds more suspicious, because els usually have less problems than open cuts or ground level service. Walder was correct to call for a complete investigation when the storm is over. Let’s hope he does an objective analysis.

    I’ve been around for a while and this was definitely the worst in terms of cleanup possibly since the storm of 1947 or even worse. In 1969, Mayor Lindsay ignored Eastern Queens. This time it appears that except for a few highways, three or four of the five boroughs were virtually ignored.

    I worked on the blizzard insurance claim for the MTA in 1996 for four years so I am quite familiar with all the MTA effort involved in clearing tracks of snow. They do whatever they can and as best they can. In 1996, it took three days for Brighton service to resume. For more recent storms, service was resumed much quicker, in a day or two. This time I think it might take three days or longer because the temporary platforms will make it more difficult to clear the snow.

  7. It’s easy to say “they should have,” but that doesn’t mean it was possible. You should have checked to see what was running before you started your trip. They are reporting that it still will take some time for bus service to return.

  8. I am the same way. My whole office- New Jersey, Staten Island, Queens are all at work. I am second day in the row at home- on Nostrand And Ave R.

    BTW Nostrand looks fine, but ave R was not cleaned at all, we have a car standing in the middle of ave R and Nostrand deep in the snow.

  9. The F train is definitely running well, at least from Avenue X. No bus service at all obviously, as there are still five of them stuck there. I don’t blame the MTA at all however. I think they are doing what they can. I blame DSNY and whoever is running things there. I watched as two DSNY workers just stood and watched myself and others help each other to push cars out of the way on the Avenue and into the Rite Aid parking lot, or onto side streets and out of the way. They did nothing, didn’t even offer to lift a shovel.

  10. Options:

    1) Walk up Nostrand to Flatbush Ave – Nostrand IRT

    2) Walk to nearest F – Line Station

    Thats it folks, do not bother with the bus.

  11. The MTA just updated their site to say:
    Due to inclement weather, there is no service on the following bus routes: B1, B2, B4, B6, B9, B11, B13, B31, B35, B36, B44, B49, B61, B64, B67, B68, B69, B70 and B74.

    All other buses are running with delays and all limited buses are making local stops.

    Please allow for additional travel time.

  12. I’ve been checking in on the MTA website as frequently as I remember to (though I’ve honestly only been looking at subway service). Someone told me the Q train was running again, but MTA site says no. I’ll do my best to keep everyone up-to-date.

  13. Has anyone tried logging on to the MTA’s website to get updated info on the trains/buses? I’ve been trying for half an hour and it’s like the MTA site no longer exists. I keep getting re-directed to sites that have nothing to do with NYC Transit. It’s bad enough the trains/buses aren’t running, but now you can’t even get updated information on this from their website! My hate for the MTA is only surpassed by my hate for Bloomberg! And to think we’re going to have to pay more to ride these crappy trains/buses in 2 days time.

  14. I was passing by the stuck B36 on Nostrand and Z an hour ago and saw the driver and three guys with shovels trying to dig it out. Took them long enough… but maybe it will be out of there by tomorrow. So who knows, maybe buses will start running again?

    And thanks to everyone on Sheepshead Bites for the updates! The MTA site has been totally unhelpful this morning, it would have been impossible to figure out what is and isn’t running without you!


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