Moving To South Slope? (Sponsored)

Moving To South Slope? (Sponsored)
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New development mingles with pre-war row houses in South Slope. This Brooklyn neighborhood is nestled between Park Slope and Sunset Park, but does not actually have any official boundaries. South Slope is a culturally diverse neighborhood with a strong sense of community.

Why Move to South Slope?

The housing market is strong here, and although there are rentals to be found, the majority of residents have a mortgage. This is just the type of neighborhood where you want to grow roots and invest in the local community. From modern condos on 13th Street to budget-friendly studios with exposed brick, there is something here for everyone.

South Slope is served primarily by District 15 of the New York City Department of Education. There are also 11 private schools. The neighborhood has an abundance of volunteer opportunities, and there are several kids’ camps here throughout the year.

South Slope Moving Tips

Like most New York City neighborhoods, South Slope has its parking challenges. You may need to reserve a space for the moving truck unless you want a long carry fee, if the moving company has to carry everything from blocks away. Some streets also prohibit street parking during specific times. This should be considered when you schedule your move.

If you move into an apartment property that happens to have an elevator, you might need to reserve it, and when you are ready to have your cable, internet, and phone connected, you may be able to choose between Time Warner, Cablevision, Dish Network, and DirecTV. Ask your FlatRate Moving for the skinny on your apartment building; odds are they have moved someone in or out throughout the years.

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