Motorcyclist Speeding 90MPH On Belt Parkway Tackled By Passing Driver

Motorcyclist Speeding 90MPH On Belt Parkway Tackled By Passing Driver

After a police chase on the Belt Parkway last night, a good samaritan caught a speeding motorcyclist who was fleeing cops, just as the perp was climbing over an overpass with a steep drop, reported News 4.

Two motorcycles caught police attention on the Belt Parkway near Bensonhurst during evening rush hour, speeding down the Belt Parkway at more than 90 miles per hour on Thursday, February 23rd, said cops.

When they faced a traffic slowdown and officers waiting near the next exit, they began weaving between cars to escape, said cops.

That’s when one of the motorcyclists, Charles Moore, 35, crashed his blue Suzuki into a cop car. Undeterred, he abandoned the motorcycle and fled on foot, darting across several lanes of traffic on the Belt Parkway near 68th Street in Bay Ridge, said cops.

Moore was then tackled by a passing driver right as he was climbing onto the overpass above a steep drop. Watch the video captured by News 4 choppers here.

The other driver also fled on foot but has not yet been located. One officer was rushed to the hospital with a laceration to his leg, said cops.

It was discovered that Moore was driving with a suspended license, said cops.

Moore was arrested faces several charges including reckless endangerment, criminal mischief, reckless driving, speeding, aggravated unlicensed operator, and colliding with an emergency vehicle. He has 13 priors on record, including driving with a suspended license in 2008.