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Most Expensive Brooklyn Home Goes Down A Few Million In Price

Source: Rich Caplan/

Good news, Rockafellers. That $14 million Gravesend home you’ve been hoping to purchase, if the price was just a wee bit lower, has gone down in value.

The 2134 Ocean Parkway five-bedroom, 9,200-square-foot home with an elevator, two kitchens, a master bedroom with balcony and French doors, and art-nouveau staircase is now only $10.8 million.

The 23 percent drop in asking price still keeps this house in the “very expensive” realty category, but strips it of its most expensive home in Brooklyn slot.

Perhaps this was a clever realty ploy all along, to gain attention and then sell at a lower price. Let’s see if this works. Happy buying for those living the lifestyle of the rich and famous.

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  1. That is definitely NOT the most expensive house in Brooklyn. That title has to go to the house on 2458 National Drive caddy corner on the water overlooking Mill Basin Bay. You can see it from the drawbridge. Imagine spending even $10 million and your view is Ocean Parkway breathing in the exhaust from 50, 00 cars a day? I’ll take the waterview, thanks

  2. i like how it says, It’s ONLY 10 million……….

    i’ll tell you what, i was inside that house when the owner had a party once… It’s a REALLY fucking sexy house.  i would buy it! if i was rich. 


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