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  1. Funny hearing you talk about oil spills, Flatbush Depot. Remember the oil spill several years ago right outside Flatbush Depot? I think the neighbors sued the MTA about that. I think the underground oil tanks were leaking.

  2. Nice photo!

    Those geese are so spolied. I always wondered how their feathers stay so beautiful and white while they’re paddling around in that toxic soup.

  3. you mean swans right? the swans keep the geese away or we’d be having the same problems as new jersey. swans are territorial and run off the louder, messier, aggressive canadian goose.

  4. Have you been to Jamaica Bay? The swan could not care less about the geese and visa-versa. There is nothing in Sheepshead Bay the Canadian goose would want. They go for the grassy land (football/hockey field) or water directly near a grassy area.


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