Southern Brooklyn

Morning Mug: “Misery Loves Company”


Today’s photo contributor was discovered on the web by our venerable publisher, Ned, who liked his stop-motion video of the Bay, posted on Vimeo.

Good stuff, right there.

Photo by Claudio Foquina

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  1. I suppose you would prefer we pretend they don’t exist. 

    “Art is a lie that makes us nearer the truth,” and truths can be mighty uncomfortable.

  2. Because it is a part of life be it as it may. A photograph is a journal. Photo-graphers record life and how our world is dealing with the forever change….. good,bad and indifferent. 

  3. Sorry I can’t like this twice. This is exactly why we photograph subjects that make us uncomfortable. The world is both beautiful and unpleasant at once.

  4. Are you discomforted by this sight? OK, then put that discomfort into some form of action. Do something that might effect a small change in the world.

  5. I’m so glad that Ned has finally achieved recognition for his many years of excellence in journalism. Few people remember the start of Sheepshead Bites many years back as a broadsheet hand printed in various colors of crayons. This will be all be memorialized in the soon to be published 25th anniversary edition. Reserve your copies now.

  6. hmm… How do you know they are Homeless? Perhaps they are just Tired and catching a few ZZZzzzzZ’s? 

  7. When we walk with blindfolds we don’t see what’s in front of us and how can we look at our future when we don’t know our past. What’s rude is the scene it self, what you don’t see is the indifference of the people walking by them, that is rude.I made a choice of not having people around them as they are alone in the world and our society just ignores them. And I think that is more rude then me photographing them.


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