Morning Mug: Crazy Gull

So I was hanging out on one of the piers and this creepy mo-fo refused to move. Then he started staring me down, giving me the evil eye and all that good stuff.

It went on for a while.

Crazy gull all up in my face, yo.

Really, five minutes later, it got to be kind of creepy.

It’s hard to see in that photo just how creepy this guy is. This son of a gun had some crazy eye goin’ on. Here, take a closer look.

Hm. That shows it a bit better. His crazy, creepy eyes and his crazy, creepy feather mohawk-thing and his crazy, creepy beak dripping some creepy – just creepy – blood.

Seriously, I don’t know how he got that blood on his beak, do you? I bet the creep mugged that baby-shleppin’ stork and pecked its eyes out with that crazy, creepy beak and stole the baby and, shoot, I bet he sold him to some baby traffickers in Scranton, PA.

Crazy, creepy mo-fo.

Oh, wait, hold on.

BAM! Crazy gull all up in yo’ face, yo.

Creepy mo-fo.

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