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More Media Coverage On Parade Grounds Tickets & Reminder About Tonight’s 70th Precinct Meeting


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After we reported on a neighbor being ticketed for walking home through the Parade Grounds last week (which resulted in an NYPD deputy commissioner saying he would look into the matter), CBS New York followed up on our story with a piece that aired last night.

And while we would’ve liked some credit from CBS for first reporting the story, the video continues to shed light on an issue – tickets being doled out to individuals walking and biking through the Parade Grounds at night – that numerous neighbors have said is increasingly becoming a problem in the neighborhood. Though the Parade Grounds does apparently close at sunset, making it illegal for residents to be in there when night comes, there is very little visible signage pointing this out – and numerous people have routinely walked and biked that path at nighttime for years without being ticketed.

In addition to the problem with signage, neighbors pointed out that Prospect Park is open until 1am – thus, without signage, it makes sense that walkers and bikers would believe that Prospect Park’s Parade Grounds would close at the same time.

A number of residents said that police stressed they were issuing them tickets for their own safety, that they want to keep people out of the Parade Grounds following shootings and other criminal activity. Neighbors said, however, that it would seem fair for police to give them a warning instead of immediately ticket them.

We’re expecting the 70th Precinct to address this issue at their meeting tonight. If you have concerns regarding this, or other issues, the precinct meeting will begin at 7:30pm at 175 Lawrence Avenue. All members of the public are welcome to attend.

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  1. Why not just have Parks rule that the path like prospect park is open until 1 PM. A simple solution. The hours for Parks and Parks property is set by Parks, not the NYPD.

  2. Looks like the Prospect Park Alliance changed their website this week to help the NYPD argument. Last week it said “Fields close at dusk, except Field 3 when the lights are on” with no mention of when the paths close. Today it says “The Parade Ground closes at sunset.” Thanks for nuttin PPA. Instead of clarifying for the better they doubled down on a bad idea.


  3. I am not going to be able to go tonight, but I hope someone with a full understanding is going to be present to bring up and represent the communities point of view. If you want to discuss this you can email me at sssnole at yahoo

  4. The tennis courts closer to Coney Island Avenue are also lit at night and stay open until 11 p.m. and during the winter the entire tennis bubble is open at night.

    Keeping people out at night ‘for their own safety’ seems counterproductive. I thought that good uses chasing out bad ones, and more eyes on the street, were considered more effective ways of promoting safety in public places.

  5. Prospect Park is open until 1 am, but there are signs that certain wooded areas in the park close at dusk. Presumably the logic is that these areas, which are popular for people looking for casual sexual encounters, are more isolated and therefore more dangerous than the open fields and the park roadway. The Parade Ground is just the opposite – it is wide open to the surrounding streets with good lines of sight. If anything, they should encourage legitimate evening use of the Parade Ground by lighting the basketball courts and more of the ball fields.

  6. Are we sure Prospect Park is part of the 70th precinct? When I worked for the Alliance I remember the entire park falling under one precinct’s jurisdiction.


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