Missed Connection: Then You Walked Through My Doris

Missed Connection: Then You Walked Through My Doris
doris via facebook

Were you enjoying libations with a pal near Franklin this weekend, then decided to return to the watering hole on your own? If you sensed a little something between you and a local lady, well, good news! Via a Craigslist post titled “Doris bar, Fulton St”:

I was sitting near the door on this rainy night in Brooklyn.
We had eye contact and a smile as you left the bar with your friend and then I was pleased to see that you came back.
I was deep in conversation with my workmate and was too shy to come and say hi when you sat nearby and then you left before I could muster the gumption to come say hi.
I came outside moments later – but you had already gone.
Sorry to miss you!

Think it could be you? Reach out to your fellow shy barfly here.

Photo via Doris


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