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Michael & Sophia’s Pizzeria To Replace Grandpa’s Pizza On Avenue U



Pizzeria number four is coming to the space at 2224 Avenue U, where signs for Michael & Sophia’s Pizzeria went up recently.

The new pizzeria will replace Grandpa’s Pizza Cafe, which closed in May after four months in business. Prior to that it was South Brooklyn Pizza, which had served up pies for less than a year. Before South Brooklyn Pizza, there was Calabrese Pizza & Restaurant, which was also short-lived. Before that, there was Tai Yuan, which was open for only a few weeks. Tai Shan preceded that – again, surviving only a few months.

That would make this business number seven in five years.

We wish Michael & Sophia’s the best of luck, and truly hope they succeed in breaking what appears to be a curse on this address – at least for any eatery. We hope to let you know when they’re open.

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  1. It’s interesting that on the same avenue there are several successful Pizzerias. There are at least four between Coney Island Ave. and Ave. U and Nostrand and Ave. U that I can think of that have been there for years now.

    I think the stretch of Ave. U between Bedford Ave. and Ocean Ave. is just a bad location for a Pizzeria based on the demographics.

  2. When I was growing up on East 23rd between Avenues T and U in the 1960s, there used to be two pizza restaurants (Fra-Mar, where the post office is now) and Stromboli (across Avenue U). For several years, there was also a pizzeria on one of the other corners. So that intersection has a storied pizza history. Sorry to hear so many have failed recently.

  3. We need an Indian, Afghan or Organic Health-Food restaurant in this area. There are already enough Chinese, Japanese-sushi, and pizza-pasta places around here.

  4. This is another doomed attempt to open an unneeded pizza place on Ave. U. There’s enough good pizza already, and this corner is too far from the train station, and thoroughfares.

  5. the most missed pizza place is one that has been most forgotten. It sat quietly on Gravesend Neck Road and East 15 Street and was closed after “A Bronx Tale” was partly filmed on Neck Road. The site is now that Chinese Church and recreation center. I used to get a slice when getting off an evening subway.

  6. the most missed pizza place is one that has been mostly forgotten. It sat on the corner of Ocean Av and Ave W and closed quite a few years ago. The site is now a Russian-American vodka emporium. I used to get a slice when taking a haircut at Frank and Marco’s hair style shop a few store fronts away.

  7. True story..Went for first time,, told owner I enjoyed it, he ,said thanx,,next day it was a liquor store

  8. I missed that pizza store also. It was blown up for the movie, “A Bronx Tale”, sold the building to the church. Then they moved across the Neck Road. They have long since sold that 2nd building so it’s a doctor’s office. The pizza was good, and I had the most fun at their arcades. …the days of yesteryear….

  9. Now, lets hope they can get the supermarkets and restaurants to clean the sidewalks and gutters of putrid oil stains that stink up the entire neighborhood. And hose down the brownish liquid puddles. This area between CI Ave & Ocean Ave is a disgrace.

  10. Just ate there today and the food and service were great. Very friendly staff and the quality of food was exemplary.


  11. The service is great, an let me tell you that spicy buffalo chicken was the best slice I have ever had. Def found my new spot to eat at.

  12. I went recently and got a few plain slices and found it ‘meh’ as the say. Maybe it was that particular pie but it was missing something in the sauce. Maybe better to order with toppings but to me if a pizza place is good the regular slice has to be just as good. By the way, my little private joke as to why there have been 3-4 places in short period of time was maybe it was just a stake out for crime or something so the pie makers weren’t really pie men but that was just a tease.


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