Mermaids, Sea Creatures & Classic Cars Dazzle At Coney Island’s Mermaid Parade 2016 [Photos]

Mermaids, Sea Creatures & Classic Cars Dazzle At Coney Island’s Mermaid Parade 2016 [Photos]
Photo by Will Caruso
Photo by Will Caruso

Coney Island’s Mermaid Parade was more colorful and sparkly than ever this year, as mermaids, sailors, sea creatures, fairies, and princesses stomped down Surf Avenue and then the Reigelmann Boardwalk.

As usual, folks got creative with floats, and had fun accessorizing with pasties, umbrellas, and sequins. We spotted mythical characters of all ages, shapes, and sizes. There were costumed babies, mamas, grandmas and grampas — and even a dog!

Of course, our favorite costume belonged to Bensonhurst’s own Carlo Scissura, President of Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce and head of Federation of Italian American Organizations (FIAO), who was named King Neptune and showed up looking like a Greek god (of the sea).

Didn’t make to this year’s parade? No worries, neighbor and photographer Will Caruso managed to capture 136 photos of glamorous mer-people and mer-cars for us. Check it out:

Image via Rabbit Days and Dumplings
Photo by
Photo via Shake Shack
hoto via Friends of Park Slope Library
brunch drinks at backyard
brunch at backyard
bar at brunch at backyard
phat stax at brunch at backyard
Phat Stax with pancakes
garlic-cheese grits at brunch at backyard
green eggs at brunch at backyard
Green Eggs
Photo by rigel319
Photo by sirirebecca
Photo by Angie Chung
A contortionist joins nine other performers for a sideshow variety show on Sunday. Photo via Miss Ekaterina
pollen-covered cars in park slope
ivy garden under renovations at 246 4th Ave
The food donated to City Harvest will go to more than 500 soup kitchens, food pantries and other programs across the city. Photo via City Harvest.
Photo via Corcoran
shoe display at Good Footing in park slope
Philip Chaitman outside of Good Footing
tulips in prospect park
Photo by SJ Avery
sunset from the 4th Ave/9th St subway platform
Photo by Park Slope Stoop
graffiti reading "kindness" in park slope, brooklyn
Image via Morbid Anatomy Museum
Photo by bassybob
barclay body care spa at 77 5th avenue in park slope
Photo via Dreamland Roller Disco
Photo by ‏@DeeLynn
Photo via Gustafer Yellowgold
Photo via Airbnb Brooklyn Half
Image by Caroline Marshall Hill, via Ground Floor Gallery
Photo via GrowNYC
store cat on 5th avenue in park slope
Photo via aTonal Hits
Photo by naykiidotcom
no parking for fabulous fifth avenue fair
Photo via Corcoran
carnem dinner menu
Carnem’s menu of appetizers, salads, fish, and more (click to enlarge)
carnem dinner menu
Carnem’s steaks and chops menu (click to enlarge)
carnem cocktail menu
Carnem’s cocktail menu (click to enlarge)
Head through the dining area to reach the outdoor space at Carnem. Photo by Rebecca Fondren.
The menu also includes fish, pasta, and more. (Photo by Rebecca Fondren)
The focus is on USDA Prime Certified Angus beef. (Photo by Rebecca Fondren)
The cocktail list was designed by a vet of PDT. (Photo by Rebecca Fondren)
dogs hanging in front of the 7th avenue f/g subway station in park slope
Photo by Park Slope Stoop
sunset over park slope
juble juice & salad bar coming to park slope
Octopus salad at Anatolian Gyro
Photo by Lauren Gann
Ceviche mixto at Coney Island Taste
St. Peters Fish at Liman
The in-progress interior. Photo via Brooklyn Burgers & Beers
Lobsters at Clemente’s. (Photo by kookkaepanika)
Photo by Yiasou
Amy Shear at Lit at Lark (photo via Lit at Lark)
Spinster: Making a Life of One’s Own, by Kate Bolick
Photo by Virginia Freire, via Prospect Park
Photo by mitzpa
sumi sushi at 287 flatbush avenue
backyard at bagel pub in park slope
everything bagel from bagel pub in park slope
Photo by Park Slope Stoop
iced coffee and everything bagel from bagel pub in park slope
Photo by Park Slope Stoop
Photo via NYC Beach Bus


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