Meet the Cookie Fairy Of Leske’s Bakery

Meet the Cookie Fairy Of Leske’s Bakery

Have you spotted the signs for Cookie Fairy Sweets at Leske’s Bakery (588 5th Avenue)? We sat down with owner Paige McCurdy-Flynn to learn about more about the Cookie Fairy, her partnership with Leske’s and of course, the cookies themselves.

SSN: Tell us about the history of cookie fairy. How did the business come about?

CFS: One of my most popular cookies is the “My Man” cookie. This is the cookie that launched Cookie Fairy Sweets. My mom would bake this cookie for my dad and I when I was growing up. When I moved to New York, my mom put together a package of all her recipes for me. In that package was the “My Man” recipe. It wasn’t until years later when I was married that I made that cookie for my man. I started making this cookie so much for my man that he called me a “Cookie Fairy.” At that moment Cookie Fairy Sweets was born. My husband James and I have a big sweet tooth. We were always trying out different cookies and found that most of the cookies we were eating were either loaded with unhealthy preservatives or just didn’t have that fresh-baked taste. I was baking so many cookies that I started freezing them to keep them fresh. After many months of research we decided the world needed a truly preservative-free, fresh-baked cookie without sacrificing taste and freshness. So I spread my wings and launched Cookie Fairy Sweets as the first ever fresh baked, frozen cookie company.

Describe your signature cookie.

My signature cookie in the “My Man Cookie.” It’s loaded with three types of chocolate chips (semi-sweet, dark and milk chocolate chips), Texas pecans, oatmeal and coconut. Slightly chewy and so amazingly delicious. All of my cookies are made using all natural and organic ingredients.

What makes Cookie Fairy cookies different?

Cookie Fairy Sweets is the first ever, fresh baked frozen cookie company. Customers will find our cookies in the freezer section, usually next to the ice-cream. We want people to rethink where they are buying their cookies. The beauty about freezing our cookies after we bake them is that my customers will always have a fresh-baked cookie every time they take them out of the freezer. The cookies will taste the same way they did the day I baked them for up to six months in the freezer. And you don’t have do any work!

How did the Leske’s partnership come about?

It’s kind of a funny story how I partnered up with Leske’s. We were both judges at Cookie Takedown at the Bell House this past December.

Can we get all of your cookie varieties at the bakery?

You can get everything single Cookie Fairy variety I bake at Leske’s South Slope location.

My Man Cookies (chocolate chips, oatmeal, coconut and pecans)
Lil’ Devils (fully loaded chocolate cookies with hints of spices)
Oats & Raisins (chewy oatmeal with rum soaked California raisins)
Peanut Buddies (chocolate chips and peanut butter topped with Maldon Sea Salt)
Iced Sugar Cookies

Whoopie Pies:
Dutch Chocolate Whoopie Pies made with marshmallow butter cream and peanut butter cream

Campfire Smore’s Cake & Moist Butter Cake with Chocolate Frosting are available on Saturday and Sundays or anytime upon special order.

Caramel Popcorn

Naturally sugar free and gluten free desserts as well as vegan desserts.

Are there any other neighborhood spots that people can purchase them?

People can purchase our Oats & Raisins, Lil Devils and My Man cookies in a variety of local supermarket freezers. Our growing list of new stores is updated constantly. For a full list please check our “Where to Buy” page on my website.

Cookie Fairy Sweets is also starting to sell our deliciously moist whoopie pie and cookies to local cafes…p.s if you are a cafe owner looking for truly amazing cookies and whoopies please give us a call!

What does the future hold for Cookie Fairy Sweets?

The future is so bright for Cookie Fairy Sweets. I’ve been working very hard for the past year and half to get Cookie Fairy Sweets positioned for major growth. I see us being an industry leader in the frozen food category. Over the next seven years I’m planning for Cookie Fairy Sweets to be in all 50 States.

Now is your chance to say that you knew Cookie Fairy when!  Stop by Leske’s and give one a try today.

Image via Kat Teutsch