Meet Physicians from Weill Cornell Medicine Brooklyn Practices (Sponsored)

Meet Physicians from Weill Cornell Medicine Brooklyn Practices (Sponsored)

As a Physical Therapist, having no barriers between the clinicians in our network has greatly expedited patient care and has saved them time, money and unneeded suffering.

The benefits of practicing in an integrated medical setting have been many. Weill Cornell Medicine’s extensive network of hospitals and healthcare centers has generated one of the most comprehensive electronic health records in NYC. This allows us to know what current services a patient is receiving, as well as what has or hasn’t worked well in the past.

Jay Hunt, (Courtesy of Weill Cornell Medicine)

The body is a complex biomechanical machine, where a one size fits all approach rarely works. Numerous studies demonstrate that physical therapy can save both the patient and the heathcare system financial cost and resources by preventing more expensive interventions. Some patients just need a little guidance and education, where some will need significantly more support. Being able to identify what is needed for each person at that moment is paramount to the patient’s success. I’m a firm believer in treating the patient as a whole.

Jay Hunt’s clinical office is located at 186 Joralemon Street, on the 8th floor. He can be reached at 646-962-4600 to schedule an appointment.

Waiting Room (Courtesy of Weill Cornell Medicine)

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