McDonald’s Closed! Rumors Say 7-11 To Move In

The interior of the former McDonald's (Click to enlarge)

As more than the usual number of readers have noticed, McDonald’s at 1509 Sheepshead Bay Road is closed for good. The windows have been taped up, and all signage and branding has been removed. From looking at it, you’d never know it was ever there, except, perhaps, for the thick trail of french-fry-grease-sludge leading out the front door.

The business seems to have closed without warning to customers late last week, and the windows papered this week. On the inside, all of the furniture, counters, equipment and, well, just about everything was removed.

What happens now? Well, rumors say it’s going to be a 7-11. We first heard about this a few months back, when we were told the owner of the McDonald’s made mention of it to the owner of Subway (apparently these fast food franchise forepersons all hang out). We’ve tried to confirm it since then, with no luck.

Unfortunately, not much has changed. We still have not been able to reach the owner of the McDonald’s to find out (and he would know; it might change to a 7-11, but he’d continue to be the owner, according to what we’ve heard). But now you’ve got your heads-up; Slurpees and stale taquitos for everybody!

Do you think a 7-11 is a better fit for this spot than a McDonald’s? Sound off in the comments!


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