MBCG Creates Shore Blvd Action Plan

MBCG says Shore Blvd and Exeter is more dangerous, as pedestrians leave the footbridge and the road's curve limits visibility.

Spurred on by an accident that left one dead and one arrested, the Manhattan Beach Community Group has come up with a list of short- and long-term objectives to make Shore Boulevard safer, particularly around Exeter Street where the road curves and the pedestrian bridge sits.

“Newly paved Shore Blvd. has become faster and more dangerous at the curve of the road between Exeter and Dover Streets,” the group’s president, Ira Zalcman, wrote on the website. “Last spring a car lost control at this very spot and hit a tree, park bench and  2 cars. Two nights ago there was a fatality a block away.”

Below is the group’s to-do list:

  • Move Shore Parkway traffic light from Ocean Avenue to Exeter Street, where pedestrian traffic exits the bridge and the road begins to curve, limiting visibility.
  • More police enforcement on summer nights, when the beach empties.
  • A lit highway sign should be placed temporarily on Shore Parkway between Coleridge Street and Beaumont Street, saying, “Fatality occurred here – Slow down.”
  • Decoy a parked scooter or police car near the bridge.