Max’s Chicken & Seafood On Coney Island Avenue Closed For Renovations

Max's is closed for renovations.
Photo via Karen.

Max’s Chicken & Seafood, the relatively new fast food restaurant at 967 Coney Island Avenue, by Newkirk Avenue, is closed for renovations, according to signs posted on the business.

There also is a sign posted on Max’s that says the store is under litigation — and that if neighbors spot anything suspicious happening, they should call 718-838-0237. We’ve sent an email to Max Raja, the owner, to find out about both the renovations and litigation and will update this as soon as we hear back from him.

Raja opened Max’s, a chain that has most of its stores in Canada, at the end of March in the space that previously was Famous Pita.

Many thanks to neighbors Karen and Michael for sending us photos of the signs at Max’s.

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Anna Gustafson

Editor of Ditmas Park Corner


  1. Per a Google search, that phone number (which is actually 718-838-0237, per the photo) belongs to “Anwar Shahzad,” who is either a business owner or landlord with properties around the Fulton Mall.

  2. This place was disgusting anyway….so I’m sure it will not be missed! It looked clean…but the food had no flavor. I love fast food, but this had to be the worst EVER. Everyone that I knew who tried it, said the samething! Everything on the menu sounds delicious, but when you tasted the food, it was horrible!

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