Manhole Problems & Power Outages Around The Neighborhood


Manhole Problem by Erika_A_Clark on Twitter

The ice and snow and slush aren’t just causing difficulties for those of us wearing boots that aren’t waterproof enough — we’re starting to hear reports of some power issues around the neighborhood.

A street light went out at Flatbush Ave and St Marks, and as Erika Clark noted on Twitter, there was some smoke streaming out of a cordoned off manhole cover in the street. KeishaK also spotted some activity for a manhole fire in South Slope. According to the Con Edison outage map, there are several “manhole problems,” most with estimated restoration times as tonight.

As for power outages, one neighbor, Abe Shaw, reports his power has gone out, and according to the Con Ed map there are a few in the area, with one near 6th Avenue and President affecting the most customers, 18, compared to some other reported outages affecting one or two customers.

If you experience a power outage, contact Con Ed at 1-800-752-6633. If you see a smoking manhole or a manhole fire, you should call 911.

Anyone else dealing with power issues today?

Photo by Erika_A_Clark

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