Manhattan Beach Is Brooklyn’s Most Expensive Neighborhood!

Real estate website Property Shark released their list of the most expensive neighborhoods in New York, and Manhattan Beach ranked as the fourth highest sale prices for this quarter, and the only Brooklyn neighborhood on the list.

According to the site, “Median sale prices in Manhattan Beach have spiked at 143 percent over the previous quarter to an impressive $1,120,000, quite close to reaching a tie with #3 on the list, the Flatiron District ($1,175,000).”

Compared to the first place contender, Soho, Manhattan Beach’s prices are almost half of the average priced home.

Looks like Manhattan Beach prices are still far off from Manhattan, but it is the only Brooklyn neighborhood to make a mark.

What does that say for the rest of us shlubs? Well it says that we live next door to some insanely expensive houses and are totally rich by way of osmosis, or trespassing. Eh?