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Manhattan Beach Home Is The “House Of The Day” In The Wall Street Journal

Source: Wall Street Journal/ Bryan Derballa

Gary and Abbe Lasker’s Manhattan Beach home is up for sale. The asking price of $1,695,000 does not include the couple’s extensive collection of antiques.

They’ve been working on their detached home since 1978, and have spent about $30,000 on home renovations throughout the years. They did most of the remodeling work themselves and occasionally hired a friend.

Unfortunately, their asking for a helping hand didn’t work out so well. They asked for an extension of their brick fireplace and instead got a  “leaning tower of Pisa,” according to Abbe.

“I just got a sledgehammer and I knocked the whole thing down,” said Gary. “And that’s the fireplace story.”

Wall Street Journal featured their beautiful home as part of their “House of the Day series,” and that’s the house of the day story.

Click the link to see some interior and exterior shots of the beautiful home.

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  1. lemme say, sheepshead bites needs to hire better writers, latly the stories on this site have been slacking….  i fine myself getting red faced everytime i check this site for some new stories, garbage can this, subway that. where are the local stories.
    step your game up, or shut up…

  2. Yes another “retired” public servant.Dear Gary has been retired since he was 35 and collected a nice pay-out for suing the Board of Education.

    The struggles of the poor teachers who work so hard for the children. Bwahaha.


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