Western Brooklyn

Man Jumps From The Verrazano-Narrows Bridge

Source: Norbert Nagel via Wikimedia Commons

Witnesses driving across the Verrazano Bridge said they saw a man jump from the right lane of the Staten Island-bound upper level before 4 p.m. yesterday. The search for the man took several hours and it was unclear if there had actually been a jumper. However, MTA officials did confirm later in the day that there was indeed a jumper, according to SI Live.

The male driver’s identity has not been revealed at this time.

Prior to the first incident to happen this year, there have been five suicides on the bridge since December of 2011, including thwarted several attempts.

The MTA has attempted to stop the increase of suicides on the bridge by putting up suicide prevention  signs which read “Life is Worth Living,” along with contact numbers for suicide prevention agencies.

Emergency response officials searched the waters for several hours but no body has been found yet.

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