Malignaggi Versus Senchenko At Barclays Center?

source: (Bryan Horowitz) via Flickr

Bensonhurst native and ESPN boxing blog NYFights’ new number one choice as best pound for pound New York City fighter, Paul Malignaggi would like nothing more than a match up with WBA world welterweight champion Viacheslav Senchenko.

The Twitter King’s preferred locale for the contest? Brooklyn’s nearly completed (thanks to ugly pre-fab construction) Barclays Center, of course!

From NYFightsBlog:

When told that he’d supplanted Agbeko, Malignaggi texted, “Nice!!! Thanks!! We are trying to bring Senchenko to the US. Him vs me in the new Barclays Arena would be a good sell with the Ukrainian population in NYC. I think he’s solid but I like my chances.”

Malignaggi’s manager Anthony Cantanzaro is currently working behind the scenes at making a bout between the two fighters a reality.

It seems the only thing missing from this scenario would be having Senchenko dress up in the hammer and sickle a la Ivan Drago from Rocky IV – all while repeating “I must break you,” over and over again.