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Luv My Vision Opens Second Store In Brighton Beach


Some local businesses expand faster than others, and Luv My Vision Optique, the high-end eyewear vendor that opened at 1702 Sheepshead Bay Road in April, wasted no time: they opened a second location in Brighton Beach in September.

We got our first glance of it last week when we snapped this photo of their new storefront at 302 Brighton Beach Avenue. The business celebrated its grand opening with a ribbon-cutting on September 14.

Good to see local businesses doing well enough to expand so quickly. Way to go, Luv My Vision, and good luck on the new venture.

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  1. I don’t get it, the place on Sheepshead Bay is always empty. I guess someone has a lot of cash they need to “invest” quickly. On the other hand, medicaid does pay for prescription glasses, so that’s a good revenue stream.

  2. Won’t see me ever going in there I was glancing in the window in the Sheepshead Bay store the other evening on the way to pick up my sushi and saw a pair of frames I liked- was about to go in (store was set to close in about 4 minutes) and the little man started rolling down the security bars on me! I was dressed ok, carried a nice bag- wasn’t even even wearing my old work out sweats or so bought a pair on brighton- sorry LUV- you lost 847.00 after they gave me my discounts!

  3. I have to laugh that you mentioned “dressed OK”. If I feel lonely I wear my sweats and go to SnS. Security always follows me when I wear my “work around the house” clothes. It’s a kind of pathetic profiling.
    And if I am bored I turn back around after leaving the store just to let them follow me again. 😉


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