Lundy's Building: The Unrenovated Side

lundys awning need cleaning 1

With all the rah-rah over the newly-renovated Cherry Hill side of the Lundy’s building, it’s easy to forget the rest of the enormous landmark. The forgotten parts are in dire need of some TLC.

As the years have gone by, the facade has taken a beating, and the building’s trademark awnings are ratty and stained. The stains that are on those awnings must be hard to remove, because even on some of the renewed awnings, light stains can be seen.

The other restaurants that are housed in the buildings don’t seem to be too concerned about the eyesore awnings. It might be, though, a matter of budget.

Whatever it is, now that the awnings on one half of the building are shiny and re-newed, the old ones just stick out so much more.

lundys unrenovated side 2a

With all the talk at civic meetings about giving back to the ‘community’, it’s a wonder that the Cherry Hill Gourmet Market didn’t clean up the rest of the building’s facade when they were renovating their side. We know they don’t have to, but we’re thinking that such a goodwill gesture just might endear them a little to those who they perceive to be against them.

It also calls the responsibilities of the owners of the building into question. Don’t the owners need to be concerned about losing tenants, if the landmark building looks brand-spanking new on one side and sad and beaten on the other side?


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